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Sao Paulo is considered, hands down, the Pizza Capital of the World, besting even New York City. It is worth mentioning that Italians make up the largest group of immigrants in Sao Paulo, eclipsing even the Portuguese population there by almost two to one.
The Italians settled all over Sao Paulo; however, mainly in the Bras district. Once there, they began making their pastas and pizzas, and small pizzerias began to pop up all around the city. Today, according to the Joint Association of Sao Paulo Pizzerias, there are approximately 7.2 thousand recognized pizzerias in Sao Paulo, with another 1.5 thousand unofficial restaurants, bringing the total to almost 9 thousand pizzerias in the Sao Paulo area. I am not a math whiz, but I looked up the land size of the Sao Paulo Metropolitan area, which in miles is approximately 3,067 square miles. I divided that number by 9,000 pizzerias, and got an answer indicating that you can find a pizzeria in Sao Paulo on just about every street corner. It is said that over a million and a half pizzas are consumed in Sao Paulo every day, and that the pizza industry pulls in over $4 billion dollars annually. That's a lot of pizza.
Now that we've pretty much established why Sao Paulo is considered the Pizza Capital of the World, perhaps you would like to know what ingredients are used to make this some of the best pizza you will ever have in your life.
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What is the capital of the world?

There is no accepted capital of the world, but it is said by many that the capital of the world is New York City because that is where the headquarters of the United Nations is located. There is no global capitol.

How big was the worlds biggest pizza?

The world record for the largest pizza ever made is 122 feet, 8inches in diameter and 26.88 pounds. It was made in South Africa in1990.

Why is Milan the fashion capital of the world?

Milan is a major center for world's fashion with such well-knowns brands as Prada and Armani headquartered there. However it is Paris that is considered the fashion capital of the world.

What is the world record for the biggest pizza?

I am not sure what you mean by biggest? Do you mean biggest single pizza? Or do you mean longest? The longest line of pizzas was created at the Quedam Shopping Centere, Yeovil, UK on June 29th, 2008. It took them 10 hours, and and all 2,129 of them were made from scratch. You can find out more about ( Full Answer )

Worlds capital of palestine?

Palestinians claimed Jerusalem as their capital in 1967, following the Israeli victory during the Six Day War. Prior to 1967, Jerusalem and the West Bank had been annexed by Jordan in 1950. Jerusalem had last been a capital city 2,000 years ago when it was last under Jewish control.

Does everybody in the world like pizza?

No,some dont like the sause some dont like the cheese and some dont like the dough...but some like all of that but maybe they dont like it together.AND ITS NOT A STUPID QUESTION.

Which company is the largest Pizza franchise in the world?

Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant chain and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., whose restaurants total approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks in 100 countries.

What is the spiciest pizza in the world?

Flying pie pizzeria in Boise, ID. In august, they do the double and triple habanero pie. Scorching hot and you have to sign a waiver to order it. even featured on Man vs. food.

How many dominos pizza are in the world?

Domino's Pizza, with more than 6,500 stores around the world, is the world leader in pizza delivery. As of October 6, 2012 there are over 10,000 locations worldwide.

How did they cook the worlds largest pizza?

The world's largest pizza was assembled, cooked and served in Iowa Falls in the Alden High School parking lot. With over $42,000 worth of ingredients, the 50,000-slice pizza was put together by over 200 people in two hours. The crust was assembled by placing 9,500 sections of crust together in the ( Full Answer )

What is the capital in the world?

As far as political power goes, the United States is. As far as economy, it could either be the United States, or perhaps China.

Who made the worlds largest pizza?

October 11, 1987 Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone. The pizza covered 10,000 square feet and measured 140 feet across. It weighed in at 44,457 pounds, consisting of, among other items, 18,174 pounds of flour, 1,103 pounds of water, 6,445 pounds of sauce, 9,375 pounds of cheese and 2,387 pounds of pep ( Full Answer )

How many branches of Pizza Hut are there in the world?

According to blurb at the bottom of their press releases: Pizza Hut began 50 years ago in Wichita, Kansas and today operates nearly 10,000 restaurants in more than 90 countries. See related link for source. So they sell more than 2500 pizza a year Wikipedia says there are "approximately 34,0 ( Full Answer )

How big is tthe worlds biggest pizza?

Current record is 122 ft. 8 inches in diameter done in Norwood, South Africa on December 8, 1990. There ingredients were 9,920 lbs of flour, 198 lbs of salt, 3968 lbs of cheese and 1984 lbs of tomato puree. : )

What is the capital of the whole world?

There is no capital of the world but but because the United Nations has its headquarters there, New York City is sometimes called the capitol of the world.

What is the Slurpee capital of the world?

Manitoba, Canada, has long been considered the Slurpee capital of the world. It has successfully defended it's title for 12 years now (the latest crowning taking place in 2011).

What is the worlds most expensive pizza?

well it really depends where you get it. Since pizza originated in italy, that is where it would probably be most expensive. of course the more toppings you want on your pizza, the more expensive it will be. Also the size of the pizza. Some of the biggest pizza's can be up to thirty feet long and of ( Full Answer )

What was the wheat capital of the world in 1861?

Sumner County in Kansas has been known as the 'Wheat Capital of the World' and Kansas was introduced as a state in 1861. But, I don't think that it was the wheat capital of the world in 1861. I would have to go with Chile. During 1840's and 50's they were exporting wheat to Australia and United S ( Full Answer )

What is the literary capital of the world?

Ireland's biggest city, Dublin, is world-renowned for producing some of the world's most influential writers. Famous examples include James Joyce and William Butler Yeats. Dublin is widely accepted to be the world's literary capital.

What is the tomato capital in the world?

"Leamington, Ontario" is the "Tomato Capital of Canada", but not the world. Crystal Springs, Mississippi was just recently "re-awarded" the title in a contest against Jacksonville, Texas (who also claimed this title for many years) in June 2013. Both cities called themselves the former "Tomato Ca ( Full Answer )

Is World always capitalized?

World is only capitalized at the beginning of a sentence orwhen it forms part of a proper noun. Examples: The world is the place where we live. The World Boxing Tournament was held in Las Vegas.

Can you get margarita pizza in Walt Disney World?

Suprisingly yes you can! This past August (august 5, 2010) they just opened a restaurant called Via Napoli in Epcot. It's in Italy around the world showcase. You can learn more about this restaurant and much more of Disney world by going to these websites. -waltdisneyworld.com (takes you to the o ( Full Answer )

What are the five fashion capitals of the world?

Paris , London , Milan , New York and Tokyo . All of this cities are well-known for being major center for fashion. However considering that: . 4 out of the 5 biggest fashion conglomerates are headquartered in Paris (namely LVMH, PPR, Hermès, Chanel); . The specificity of the Parisia ( Full Answer )

What are some capital goods for a pizza restaurant?

Some of the capital goods of a pizza restaurant would include theovens, the pans, and the tables where patrons sit. If the companydelivers their pizzas, the delivery vehicles would also be acapital good.

Who make the first pizza in the world?

------------------------- actually, I believe it originated in Italy. I actually read an article about this, it all started a long time ago when in the areas bordering the Mediterranean sea , they started making flatbreads with many different spices on it to give it flavor (some of these flatb ( Full Answer )

Where do you find pizza goals in Cafe World?

The pizza goals will be on the right hand side of your screen. If you don't see them, it can be because of two reasons. 1) You have other goals which are newer than the pizza goals that need to be completed so the pizza goals come back up. 2) The pizza goals haven't been given to you, in which ( Full Answer )

Does everyone in the world love pizza?

Not everyone. There is a show where there are people that throw up at the site of pizza. Everyone in the world would be an opinon so it is not a fact.

What actors and actresses appeared in World Record Pizza - 2006?

The cast of World Record Pizza - 2006 includes: Jabba as Davo Dinkum Andrew Ausage as Junior Tahir Bilgic as Habib Halal Paul Fenech as Pauly Falzoni Royler Gracie as Jujitsu Master Waseem Khan as Travel Agent Anthony Micallef as Gato Rob Shehadie as Rocky Katrina Spadone as Katrina Kevin Taumata as ( Full Answer )