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What is the placement of a loose half inch pin in a Ford Aspire manual transmission?


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2007-03-02 08:31:16
2007-03-02 08:31:16

Loose parts of any kind in a manual transmission are not a good sign. I would be surprised if this tranmission wasn't "missing" any gears - so to speak. Pins in most manual transmissions hold the shifting forks to the shift rods and without the pin, shifting, at least to one set of gears, would be impossible. I hope that you get some help if you are going to rebuild/disassemble/reassemble your transmission. A complete parts-list and "blow up" diagram may be available at your local Ford dealer's service department.


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Loose wire? I recommend asking this question specifying if you have manual or automagic transmission.

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Since most of the weight of the engine is supported by the transmission mounts, the engine has to be supported from the top while the transmission is dropped out the bottom. You have to take loose the crossmember, exhaust pipe, the half axles, and about 23 different things. Get a manual from Haynes at the parts store. It will pay for itself the first time you use it.

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i can not shift my 2000 v w beetle into any gear. I stopped for fuel, when I start out again the trans slipped out of gear, and now will not go into any gear. did the transmission linkage come loose, or what may have happened... at a lose, thanks

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Yes coasting downhill will save you fuel. However do not do this with a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission. You will damage the automatic transmission by coasting. You can do this with a manual transmission but do not shut the engine off. This would cause you to loose power steering and power brakes.

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It depends on what kind of car it is. Most if not all standard transmission cars have plastic bushings at the pivot points in the linkage. These get worn and out of round causing the shifter to be sloppy. Replacing them should help.

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