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What is the plastic in milk containers?

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The common plastic used in milk containers is HDPE (high density polyethylene).

2007-12-03 15:55:39
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Q: What is the plastic in milk containers?
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How are plastic milk containers made?

Plastic milk containers are produced by injection mold. See Related Links.

Why is milk sold in cardboard or opaque plastic containers?

Light destroys the riboflavin in milk.

Why are milk containers white?

Milk containers are normally white to filter out light which can start to break down the milk. Some believe cardboard is a better container for preserving milk than plastic.

Why are paper and plastic containers used for milk products?

They are cheap and disposable.

Why have plastic containers replaced glass containers?

Plastic containers do not break.

Why milk is stored in opaque plastic or cardboard containers?

Because light destroys the riboflavin.

How can someone recycle plastic gallon milk containers?

There are many places one can recycle plastic gallon milk containers. One can visit their local recycling plant or local community recycling office for more details. One can also re-use the containers for many things as well.

Can empty milk containers into the garbage disposal?

No. The cardboard in milk cartons contain plastic, and your disposal won't enjoy the cardboard.

What cannot be recycled milk cartons plastic water bottles glass containers n paper bags?

Milk carton

Are milk containers actually recycled?

no they aren't because it has wax on it and you can't recycle wax. Most milk containers can be recycled. Plastic (HDPE or PET) containers can be recycled easily when cleaned properly. Tetrapak containers have a process where the aluminium and cardboard is separated from the plastic for recycling.

What stuff is recyclable?

The stuff you could recycle would be paper milk cartons and plastic containers

Where can I buy new plastic containers?

You can find several different types of plastic containers at department stores. They carry plastic food containers, and plastic storage containers for craft supplies and clothes.

Plastic Containers?

form_title= Plastic Containers form_header= Organize items in the office with plastic containers. What size plastic containers do you need?*= _ [50] Do you want your logo on the container?*= () Yes () No What will you be storing in the container?*= _ [50]

What cannot be recycled milk cartons plastic water bottles glass containers and paper bags?

These can all be recycled.

Does plastic wrap stick better to plastic containers or metal containers?

Plastic wrap sticks best to glass, but it also sticks to metal. For plastic containers, try aluminum foil.

Do green plastic storage containers for produce work?

green plastic storage food containers

Is Microwave in all plastic containers safe?

Some thin plastic containers will melt when used in the microwave

What is plastic packaging containers?

They are containers for goods manufactured from plastics.

What are Ziploc containers made of?

Depends. Are you asking about the bags, plastic containers, box containers that they come in, or something else? The bags are polyethylene plastic resin.

Are plastic containers dangerous?


What sort of products is plastic resin used for?

Plastic resin is a polymer-based material. It is most commonly used for soda bottles, plastic wrap, plastic bags, milk jugs, and vitamin containers because it keeps the items fresh.

Where can one find plastic pallet containers?

US Plastic, Orbis, Grainger, and Nelson Company are places an individual can find plastic pallet containers. All of them carry containers in all sizes and colors.

If you put two 1-pint containers of milk together how much milk do you have?

If you put two 1-pint containers of milk together how much milk do you have?

Which types of drink bottles are recyclable?

There are many types of drink bottles and containers which one can recycle. Some of these include glass, plastic, and tetra drink containers. Milk cartons and bottles can be recycled as well.

What are some items found in landfills?

plastic bags plastic bottles plastic containers (such as empty milk jugs and empty laundry detergent bottles, yogurt containers, other empty food containers, styrofoam, plastic cups, plates, forks, knives, spoons disposable diapers plastic packaging from toys, tools, etc. newpaper glass tin and other metals aluminum cans, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wrapping paper, grocery bags, ribbon, brown lunch bags