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Q: What is the plural form of strawberry jam?
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What is the plural possessive of strawberry?

The plural form for the singular strawberry is strawberries; the plural possessive form is strawberries'.

What is the plural noun of strrawberry?

Strawberries is the plural form of strawberry.

What is the plural of strawberry?

The plural of strawberry is strawberries.

Is strawberry jam gluten free?

strawberry jam is gluten free

When was Strawberry Jam Comics created?

Strawberry Jam Comics was created in 1985.

Can you eat strawberry jam when pre gent?

You can eat strawberry jam, tomato jam, apple jam, mixed fruit jam and peanut butter jelly when pregnant. nothing will happen

What is the singular and plural of strawberry?

The word strawberry is singular; the word strawberries is the plural.

Will jam grow?

Jam is made from (eg) strawberry jelly = strawberry' s. The music topic Jam will grow based on how many people like jam music!

Difference between rose petal jam and strawberry jam?

Rose petal jam is made from rose petals. Strawberry jam is made from strawberries.

How many calories does homemade strawberry jam have?

There are about 50 Calories in 1 tbsp of homemade strawberry jam.

What do you get when you cross a strawberry with a road?

A very squashed strawberry...

Which type of jam is the best?

Strawberry is obviously the best because strawberries are nice and strawberry jam is the most popular

What do you know about strawberry jam?

it has a strawberry taste and it has seeds and its good

What is the plural for jam?

Jams is the plural of jam

What do strawberry cupcake have?

real strawberries or essence or flavoring or jam of strawberry.

Is strawberry jam the same as strawberry preserves?

no, strawberries are so dumb

Is strawberry jam heterogeneous mixture?


How long can you freeze strawberry jam?

strawberry jam lasts up to a year in the freezer. The sugar in any jam acts as a preservative, so you should be able to finish a jar of jam before it goes off

Why was the strawberry late for work?

The strawberry was l;ate for work because he was in a jam!

What ice cream flavors start with the letter j?

i am guessing its jam anykind of jam e.g Strawberry jam

Ingredients for a pineapple jam?

what are the ingredients in strawberry jam?

Why do they put honey in strawberry jam?

Most of the time honey will replace the sugar in jam.

What are gambits?

Gambits are a very concetrated form of jam that have not been combined with any form of pastry such as dough. they can be many flavours including strawberry, cherry and raspberry YAYAYAYAYAYAYA JAMAJAMAJAMAJAMAJAM did you know they have jam in jamaca

Why did the strawberry cry?

Because his mother was in a jam.

How do you get strawberry jam on mln?

get it from henrietta's page.