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What is the plural of ellipsis?


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The plural of ellipsis is ellipses.


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It is singular. The plural is ellipses.

You mean 'an ellipsis'. Also yes, there is a space after an ellipsis.

I believe it is already in plural form, as well as it's regular form. For example, you don't say gooses, but you say "goose." I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say ellipsises. EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT::: With all due respect, this is an incredibly wrong . The plural form of "goose" is "geese." Additionally, the plural form of "ellipsis" is "ellipses" (pronounced "ee-lip-sees").

Those "three periods" are called an Ellipsis (plural ellipses).

From (ĭ-lĭp'sĭs) "uh-LIP-sis"

You can do whatever you want Ellipsis is a noun so you can use it at the beginning of a sentence. A ellipsis is often indicated by a set of dots.

that would be called an "ellipsis."It is called ellipsis.

An ellipsis is used when a word, phrase, or passage is omitted from a quote.

Anyone following an ellipsis is a friend of mine for the night.

Ellipsis (omitting words from sentence construction) is pronounced "ee-LIP-sis".

The ellipsis is used to show that there are parts of the quote that have been omitted. The ellipsis can also be used to show a pause in the action.

That is the correct spelling of "ellipsis" meaning the omission or words, as shown by the three-dot punctuation (...).

Add a period after the last word in your quote and then add the ellipsis (:

add a period after the last word in your quote and then add the ellipsis

It is "..." in Spanish!

An ellipsis indicates missing information. You'd be hard-pressed to carry an entire narrative on one.

No, they are not. There are many nouns that end in the letter s that are not plural, including the ones below. Dress Boss Truss Compass Penis Iris Nexus Thesis Ellipsis Mantis Some words are singular even though they end in 'es', like molasses

To pause or emit speech.

The only punctuation mark that may do this is the ellipsis. Sometimes writers use an ellipsis to indicate that someone is trailing off. Typically, the ellipsis is used to show that text has been omitted from the sentence or document, but stylistically, an ellipsis may get the job done if you're looking to show "more is to come." A colon is the only punctuation mark that indicates that more information is to come. An ellipsis, which is used when you are quoting from another written source, indicates that something has been omitted: that is what the word 'ellipsis' means. Any other use of it is at best colloquial and at worst incorrect, and should be kept out of formal writing.

An ellipsis is a series of three dots. The dots start right after a word . . . and words begin again, but with no spaces between the dots or the words.

An ellipsis (...) takes the place of any words you don't want to include. It works sort of like an apostrophe, but for words, not just letters.

The ellipsis is used in a quotation when you want to omit some words in order to shorten the quotation. The ellipsis takes the place of the omitted words.

It is called an Ellipsis.

At the beginning of Chapter 4, the 2nd sentence in the 2nd paragraph is an ellipsis. "It was a hard path and a dangerous path, a crooked way and a lonely and a long."

An ellipsis is usually written as three consecutive dots (...) and indicates the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues.

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