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The plural of ellipsis is ellipses.

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Q: What is the plural of ellipsis?
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Is ellipsis the singular or plural?

It is singular. The plural is ellipses.

What is the plural form of the word ellipsis?

I believe it is already in plural form, as well as it's regular form. For example, you don't say gooses, but you say "goose." I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say ellipsises. EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT:::EDIT::: With all due respect, this is an incredibly wrong . The plural form of "goose" is "geese." Additionally, the plural form of "ellipsis" is "ellipses" (pronounced "ee-lip-sees").

Should there be a space after a ellipsis?

You mean 'an ellipsis'. Also yes, there is a space after an ellipsis.

What are three space periods that indicate that words have been deleted from a direct quote?

Those "three periods" are called an Ellipsis (plural ellipses).

What is the meaning of an ellipsis in a syntax?

In grammar, an ellipsis is when one or more words are left out and these words must be supplied by the listener or reader. Ellipsis in Greek means to leave out.

What is the purpose of using a ellipsis?

An ellipsis is used when a word, phrase, or passage is omitted from a quote.

How can you use the word ellipsis in a sentence?

Anyone following an ellipsis is a friend of mine for the night.

How do you pronounce ellipsis?

Ellipsis (omitting words from sentence construction) is pronounced "ee-LIP-sis".

What do you call dot dot dot i.e. ....?

that would be called an "ellipsis."It is called ellipsis.

When incorporating direct quotations into writing what are the function of and guidelines for using the ellipsis?

The ellipsis is used to show that there are parts of the quote that have been omitted. The ellipsis can also be used to show a pause in the action.

What are the possessive forms of the word ellipsis?

The guidelines of the Modern Languages Association in the U. S. accept either "ellipsis's" or "ellipsis'". More conservative grammarians insist on the first form only.

Can you use an ellipsis at the beginning of a sentence?

You can do whatever you want Ellipsis is a noun so you can use it at the beginning of a sentence. A ellipsis is often indicated by a set of dots.

How do you spell ellipsis?

That is the correct spelling of "ellipsis" meaning the omission or words, as shown by the three-dot punctuation (...).

If you want to use an ellipsis at the end of a quote, what must you do?

add a period after the last word in your quote and then add the ellipsis

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What are braces and ellipsis?


Can you use an ellipsis to tell a story?

An ellipsis indicates missing information. You'd be hard-pressed to carry an entire narrative on one.

If you want to use an ellipsis at the end of a quote what must you do?

Add a period after the last word in your quote and then add the ellipsis (:

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How do you say ellipsis in Spanish?

It is "..." in Spanish!

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What is the effect of an ellipsis?

To pause or emit speech.

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