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When used as a noun, the plural form of open is opens, e.g.:

Tiger Woods has won 3 US Opens.

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What is the plural of burst?

The plural of burst is bursts. As in "the door bursts open".

What is the plural of a centre?

The plural of centre is centres. As in "the centres are open all wekend".

What is the plural of rust?

The plural of rust is rusts. As in "a nail left in the open rusts easily".

Is opens singular or plural?

The noun 'opens' is the plural form of the singular noun 'open', a word for a contest or tournament that has no restrictions on who may compete.Note: The noun 'open' is an uncountable noun as a word for a wide or unobstructed space or expanse.The verb 'opens' is the third person, singular of the verb to open.

Is Twin Cities a plural noun?

Yes, as a nickname, Twin Cities is a plural, proper, open compound noun.

What does Abran la puerta mean?

You (plural) open the door.

What does abrid mean in spanish?

It means "open" (imperative, plural).

How do you translate in Spanish the word open?

The verb "to open" in Spanish is "abrir." Therefore: I open - abro you open - abres he/she/it opens - abre we open - abremos you (plural) open - abrís they open - abren

What is the plural of passkey?

You shouldn't need more than one, since a passkey is supposed to open all the doors, but the plural is passkeys.

What is the plural of fly?

The word 'fly' is a noun that has a regular plural.The plural of words ending with a consonant + 'y' are made plural by changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding 'es'Thus a baby becomes babies, and a flybecomes flies, especially if you leave the window open!

Open air markets in the middle east are known as what?

Open-air markets are know as Suq (plural is Aswaq) (سوق)

What is the plural possessive of ball?

The plural form for the noun ball is balls. The plural possessive form is balls'.Example: The balls' container broke open and all of the balls bounced down the stairs.

What is the plural noun of an underwater roller coaster?

The plural is underwater roller coasters. The word underwater is an adjective describing roller coaster, adjectives don't take plural forms. Roller coaster is an open compound noun, the plural 's' goes on the end of the noun.

What is 'open' when translated from English to Italian?

The singular aperta and the plural aperte in the feminine and the singular aperto and the plural aperti in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English word "open." The choice depends upon the gender and number of what or who is open. The respective pronunciations will be "a-PER-ta" and "a-PER-tey" in the feminine and "a-PER-to" and "a-PER-tee" in the masculine in Italian.

What refers to whether or not a pronoun is singular or plural?

The noun antecedent determines whether the pronoun is singular or plural. Examples:John is my brother. He attends the community college. (singular)The books are due at the library. I will take them with me. (plural)The door is open. I will close it. (singular)June and I are having lunch together. We are meeting at the diner. (plural)The Smiths bought a new house. They have been saving for it a long time. (plural)

What is a surgeons?

Surgeons is the plural form of surgeon, which is a doctor that specializes in cutting people open to fix internal problems.

What does macht das auf mean?

Macht das auf means "Open (you plural, informal) it" in English. (or he/she/it opens it.)

What does open the door mean in Spanish plural?

"Abran la puerta" (formal), or "Abrid la puerta" (informal).

What is plural of she and her?

The plural for she is they; the plural for her is them.

What is the plural for is?

The plural of "is" is "are"as in:I amYou (singular) areHe/She isWe areYou (plural) areThey are

What is the plural of she had?

The plural of "she" is "they", so the plural of "she had" is "they had".

What is the plural of plural?

pluralsThe word plurals is the plural of plural. As in: I answered the question about plurals to the person who didn't know that the plural of plural is plurals.

What is the plural of goodmorning?

The plural form for the noun 'good-morning' (or good morning, an open spaced of hyphenated compound noun) is good-mornings.A cheerful series of good mornings greeted us as we passed through the lobby.

Is nuances a noun?

Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.Yes, its a noun in the plural.

What is the plural of isthmi?

Isthmi is plural. There are actually two plural forms. I will list them from singular to plural. Isthmus - Singular Isthmi - Plural Isthmuses - Plural

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