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What is the plural of porch?


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The plural for porch is porches.

More than one porch=porches


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The plural of porch is porches.

The plural form of the noun porch is porches.The plural possessive form is porches'.

Porches is the plural form.

Porches is the plural form you seek.

A greek walkway or porch is a stoa (plural stoae).

Solarium (the crossword plural is "solaria"). Solarium (the crossword plural is "solaria").

Solarium (The crossword plural is "solaria").

"Porch" in English is il portico ("the porch") in Italian.

a service porch is a porch but for service men to come in and out of!

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i have a porch in the front of my house.

Porch is the noun because it is naming a thing. A porch is an exterior appendage to a building.

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what i faster a porch or a lemberghini

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The word porch has one syllable.

A porch is a sheltered area that stands out at the front of a building.

Robert Porch died in 1962.

Robert Porch was born in 1875.

There is no actual answers to this. But the weight that it can hold will very if: * The Porch is concrete * The Porch is held up with wooden or steel beams * If there is any damage to the Porch or your home's foundation

It depends. The plural form of dog is dogs but the possessive form of dog is dog's IE: Two dogs are sitting on the porch. The dog's food dish is empty.

put a door in front of the porch ?

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