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What is the point of altering cave?

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So you can catch the Pokemon's that are in there.

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Where is Altering Cave in Platinum?

There is no Altering Cave in Pokémon Platinum.

What do you do with altering cave in FireRed?

You can't do anything with altering cave unless you have an E Reader.

What is the point of altering cave in Pokemon FireRed?

The point is this the reason why its called altering cave is because the Pokemon in the cave can be altered using a device called the E reader if you use this with E reader cards you can make certain Pokemon appear in the cave instead of zubat Pokemon like magmar and smeargle can be found this way.

Where is altering cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Altering Cave is found to the north of Fortune Island, on Outcast Island.

On LeafGreen what Pokemon is in altering cave?

It's normally no pokémons in the altering cave i heard that you must do something ;)

How much does it take altering cave to turn into travellers cave in Pokemon fire red?

Altering cave does not change into traveler's cave. Altering cave can only offer new Pokemon (since all it offers are zubat) after using Mystery Gift.

What is the rarest pokemon in altering cave?

Only zubat can be found in Altering Cave. Altering Cave was a location intended to be used for an event where Mystery Gifts could change the pokemon encountered in the cave, but these Mystery Gifts were never officially distributed.

What do you do in altering cave in Pokemon FireRed?

Zubat can be encountered in the Altering Cave. Originally, there was going to be a set Mystery Gifts distributed which could change which pokemon were encountered in the Altering Cave, but the Mystery Gifts were never distributed.

How do you get to the altering cave in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get to the Altering Cave in Pokémon Pearl because there is no such thing in Pearl.

What is in altering cave for?

Its is nothing it is just there..

What is the purpose of altering cave?

it does not have a purpose

Whats the reason for altering cave?

there is no reason to altering cave. It's something that the designers put in there but didn't have any time to do anything to it.

What Pokemon are found in the Altering Cave?

Altering Cave is an event area, but no events for the area were ever held. Initially only zubat could be found in Altering Cave, but a special mystery gift could change the pokemon that could be found.

What is the purpose of Altering Cave in Emerald?

Altering CaveIn Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, Altering Cave appear useless for only having Zubat. If you go to a Nintendo Event with a Wireless Adapter attached, you'll get to catch rare Johto Pokemon.

In Pokemon FireRed what is altering cave?

Altering cave is a special cave where you can Alter the pokemon inside the cave using E Reader Cards but if you don't have the E Reader or the cards then it's a normal cave with nothing but Zubat inside.

Where is altering cave in Pokemon ruby?

You can only find Altering cave in Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald. Its not available in Sapphire or Ruby.

Where is the Altering Cave in emerald?

Go to slateport city then go north keep going until you can go left keep going left until you see a cave that is altering cave.

What is the Altering Cave for in Pokemon?

Using an e-reader you will find another Pokemon other than Zubat in the Altering Cave. u can get a fossil if u are lucky

What doyou do in altering cave on emerald?

If you attended a Nintendo of America event, multiple pokemon appear in Altering cave as well as the means to change Deoxy's form.

Altering cave Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Altering Cave is an area in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Outside of the Japanese version it contains nothing but Zubats.

How do you find Pokemon other than Zubat in the Altering cave in Pokemon Emerald?

you'll never find any other Pokemon in the altering cave sadly

Can a pineco be found you the altering cave?

There could have been a Mystery Gift that made it possible to encounter pineco in the Altering Cave, but there was no event where that Mystery Gift was distributed.

Where is the altering cave in Pokemon red?

There is no altering cave in pookemon red since the sevii islands don't exist in Pokemon red only in Pokemon firered and leafgreen in six island after going past the forest and the altering cave is also in Pokemon emerald in route 103 a cave appears after beating the elite 4.

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