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What is the point of unowns?

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they are letters to crack an ancient code (The Shape Of Them)

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Where do you catch Unowns on Pokemon Diamond?

u catch unowns in the Solaceon ruins

Where do you get unowns in emerald?

Unowns are only catchable in firered and leafgreen trade one to emerald to have it.

How many unowns is it?


What is the secret behind the unowns?


Do unowns evolve?


What do Unown do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

if you catch all 28 unknown, including the exclamation mark and question mark unowns, the unowns will spell the alphabet and question & exclamation mark unowns i really dont know what they do.

How do you get on top of solaceon ruins?

the entrance is the highest point No, The high tunnel is hard to get to. You need to catch all the letter unowns then go to the RUin Maniac on Rte. 214 then he has another room to enter (that has ! & ? unowns) then you go out the other hole and wah lah you are on top of the ruins!!! :)

What happens when you collect all of the unowns in diamond?

the ruin maniac guuy digs a new tunnel and new unowns come.

Do you get Entei if you spell Entei with Unowns?

No, you do not.

What are all the unowns?

they are the whole alphabet

What do unowns evolve into?

Unown do not evolve.

What do you do after catching the unowns?

Nothing, sadly

How many unowns are there in LeafGreen?


How many are the unowns?

26 unkowns

Do you have to catch all unowns for raikou?

no you do not

What is the order of the unowns?

Same as the alphabet, then ? and !.

What do you do in the ruins of alpha?

Solve the puzzle in one of the caves. This will release 6/24 unowns. There are 4 caves with puzzles. 1 of the cave entrances will have a cavern with wall drawings that is filled with unowns. Once you catch a certain amount of unowns a scientist in the building will give you the unown dex. I have never got all of the unowns so i dont know what it does.

Can you get a Celebi without catching the unknowns in platinum?

Even if you do capture all the unowns, you still cant get a celebii. You just get 2 more unowns, a ? and a !

How do you catch hippopotas in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to Route 214 search east for a cave on the east called "Maniac Cave, talk to the Maniac he'll ask you to a race to catch Unowns while he'll be digging further it'll be a race, to see who can get done faster, go to Solaceon Town go East into Solaceon Ruins, catch as many Unowns' as fast as you can, after that go back to Maniac Cave you'll figure out he beat you. You must have a certain amount of Unowns to catch the Hippopotas below are how many Unowns you have to catch to encounter Hippopotas. Less than 10 Unowns caught 5% 10 or more Unowns caught 10% 26 Unowns caught 20 %

What are unowns?

they are Pokemon shaped like letters

Unowns alphabet in Pokemon diamond?

yes there is

How many unowns are there in pokemon leafgreen?


Can you make Pokemon with unowns in Pokemon Platinum?

Noi, you cannot make Pokémon with any of the Unowns in Pokémon Platinum.

What do you do after finding all unknown in HeartGold?

NOTHING CHECKLIST All 26 unowns All 8 puzzles done All puntuation unowns then NOTHING

Do you catch unowns to get to arcues or what in Pokemon soulsilver?

you catch unowns just to fill out your unown notes. nothing happens when you catch all 28 of them including ! and ?