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The Democratic Party has the majority. Currently, there are 53 democrats in the Senate and 45 republicans. There are also two independents in the Senate.

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Which party now selects the senate majority leader and all the senate committee chairs?

The Democratic party currently holds a majority in the senate, and therefore selects the senate majority leader and the senate committee chairs.

What is the majority political party in US senate now?

i do believe it is the republican party!? i could be wrong but im just someone trying to find it out for myself!

What political party now controls the house and the senate?


What political party controls the Michigan Senate now?


Who are the majority and minority party leaders in the senate?

The majority leader always comes from whichever party has the majority of members in the Senate. Right now (2011), the US Senate is controlled by the Democratic party. The majority leader is Harry Reid (D-Nevada). The Republicans are in the minority, and their leader in the Senate is Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell (R-Kentucky).

What party is the president pro tempore from?

whichever has the majority in the senate. Right now, that is the democrats.

Which Political Party has been in the Majority and thus has control of the Congress for the last 8 years?

from about 7 years ago to now it has been a republican majority in the senate and only for the past 2 years it has been a democrat control in the house. so basically it has changed a lot in the past 8 years but currently the dems will control the house. the senate. and the presidency

What political party does the leader of the opposition represent?

That depends. The party in power right now (2013) is the Democrats. Barack Obama is the leader of the Democrats. And as a result, the Republicans are the opposition party. Conversely, in 2000, George W. Bush got elected president. He was a Republican and thus, the leader of the Republican party. Because a Republican was president, it was now the Democrats who were the opposition party. So, the leader of the opposition is the man or woman who is considered to be in charge of the political party that is NOT in power.Sometimes, that extends to the senate or the house of representatives: whichever political party won the majority of the seats during the most recent election, the Speaker of the House is from that party; and the opposition is the leader of the minority party. In 2013, the Republicans are in charge in the House, so John Boehner (pronounced BAY-ner) is the Speaker. His opposition comes from the leader of the Democrats in the House, currently Nancy Pelosi. But in the Senate, it's a different story. The majority in the senate are the Democrats, led by Harry Reid. And the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, are the opposition party.

Name of the political party in power is?

Right now, Democrats control the White House and the Senate, and Republicans control the House of Representatives.

Who currently holds a majority of seats in the US House of Representatives and the Senate?

The Democrats, hold a majority of seats in the US House of Representatives, and Senate.

How is the presiding officer in each house chosen?

THe House Speaker and the Senate majority leader are elected from the majority party. The Senate also has a president pro tempore who is elected by the Senate and now is traditionally the majority senator with the most seniority. The Vice President of the United States is the president of the Senate, but can not vote except in the case of a tie. The vice president is elected by the elecoral college along with the President.

What political party did Lincoln represent?

Lincoln was in the Republican Party (like the majority of the Northern States). However, the Republican Party during Lincoln's time was very different than the Republicans now.

Who is the majority leader in the senate?

mandyfu the star is a hit now

Who is the Senate Majority Leader now in North America?

North America includes several countries and does not have a Senate.

What are disadvantages of being in a majority government?

is that the majority government can do whatever they want now so for the people who do not like the choices of that party they are just gonna have to suck it up. Because whatever party is the majority party now makes the decision

What is the political party president now?

This depends on the political party. See related questions or reask your question.

Explain in the light of different coalition governments coming to power in India how successful is democracy in India?

Before Independence, there was a single political party. But now, it is coalition because of coming up new political party in every election. Because of so many political party, no one is able to get the majority of votes during the elections. There is a rule to have a 50% votes as well as majority, otherwise they will unable to form a government that's why there is a coalition government.

What is the name of political party in power now?


Where is harry reids home state?

Senator Harry Reid was formerly the majority leader in the Senate of the Democratic Party. Currently, the Republican Party has more Senators then the Democrats. Senator Reid is now the minority leader. He represents the state of Nevada.

What is the difference between the Speaker of the House and the president pro tempore?

The Speaker of the House is the leader of his party in the House. It is a powerful position and people vie for it. The president pro tempore of the Senate is now by custom the person of the majority party with the most seniority in the Senate. It is therefore an honorary position without much power expicitily attached to it.

What political party is in power of great Britain?

the Progressive Conservative party is now in power.

What is the political party of the president of the US now?

Democrat for 2011

The primaries now choose the candidates for president but this was once the job of which group?

It was once the job of political party conventions. political party conventions

What political party has a rhino as a symbol?

The now defunct Rhino Party of Canada had a rhino as its symbol.

Which party has had majority in congress since Ronald Reagan was president?

The 97th Congress (1981-1983) saw a relatively thin Republican majority in the Senate (53-46, so not enough for the 60% override) and a Democrat majority in the House. In the Senate, Republicans held the majority until 1987. From 1987-1995, the Democrats held control. Republicans regained the majority in 1995, which they held until 2001. The 107th Congress (2001-2003) saw a tie, with the Senate split 50-50. Republicans regaind a majority for the 108th and 109th Congresses (2003-2007), and then the Democrats had the majority in the 110th and will have it in the 111th. In the House, Democrats had the majority through both Reagan and Bush, Sr.'s Presidencies, until the Republicans gained the majority (in both the House and Senate) in 1995 (election of 1994). The Republicans ruled the Senate from 1995-2007. Now, the Democrats havea majority, and the recent election will see their majority through at least until January 2011.