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What is the poorest reagion of Africa?


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The poorest region is west Africa due to war and corruption

Yet at the time being, Zimbabwe is the poorest


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sources say that Ethiopia is either the 10th poorest country in Africa or the 2nd poorest country in africa

Africa is not a country the poorest state is the largest state of south Sudan because south Sudan is the poorest is in Africa and the richest country in Africa is Nigeria.

Actually.. Ethiopia is NOT the poorest country in Africa.. the poorest country currently is Malawi -Ethiopia isn't even in the bottom 10 of poorest countries...

No. São Tomé and Príncipe is the poorest country in Africa by GDP. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the poorest country in Africa by GDP per capita.

Well, I don't think Africa is really the poorest, but it does have some states and counties in it that are very poor. Africa might be one of the poorest continents of the world!

not exactly but it is one of the most poorest

Haiti is not the poorest actually, some of the poorest countries lie in Africa.

The poorest country in the africa is ocratic Republic of Congo (GDP - per capita: $300)

The richest in natural resources but not in money. But they are developing.

Yes, the world's poorest and most underdeveloped continent. Considerably.

The top three poorest are the Democratic Republic of Congo , Liberia and Zimbabwe

Yes there are volcanoes in this reagion to be found in the west and central Africa and in Indonesia.

You spelled Africa wrong.

In terms of GDP, Northern Cape is the poorest South African Province. In terms of GDP per capita, Eastern Cape is the poorest.

No. It is the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. There are atleast 10 other countries that are poorer, most of them in Africa.

There are most likely many collective poor cities on the continent of Africa.

Yes. Zimbabwe is poor and it is the poorest country in Africa.

Tanzaniasource;wikipedia justin

The poorest place is a place in africa called Burundi. With a population of around 8 million GDP per capita is $400.

The new poorest country in Africa is now Zimbabwe, with a GDP of $200 per capita. No 2 is Republic of Congo, No 3 is Burundi, No 4 is Liberia and No 5 is Guinea Bissau.

The poorest countries in the world list includes some countries from Africa. The continent has its own top 10 list of poor countries too and the second on the list is Liberia.

Africa is not the poorest place.the porest place is haiti.but both the places should find the resource that they are most abundant in and export.i don't know about haiti,but in nigeria,Africa(where my dad is from)oil is very abundant.

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