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No, it is not the struts. A popping or clicking noise when turning almost always indicates a worn or damaged outer CV joint. A quick way to verify this condition is to put the car in reverse, crank the steering wheel to one side and drive the vehicle backwards in a circle. If the noise gets louder, it confirms the diagnosis and the need for a new joint or replacement shaft assembly. This is a fairly involved repair and should not be attempted unless you have the tools and knowledge. Warning! Continue to drive the vehicle and the joint will finally break. When this happens, you will have no power sent to the wheels and you will be stuck. Depending on where it breaks, you may be throwing a drive shaft (essentially what CV shafts are) all around banging into things in the engine compartment. It may happen at the absolute wrong time, like when pulling out into traffic, then whammo no more power and here comes that big truck you were just going to cut off. Get this fixed ASAP.

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Q: What is the popping noise coming from the front of your 2000 Chevy Malibu LS especially when you back out of somewhere and turn the wheel Is it the strut?
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