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In a recent year, 2006 i believe, listeningship in every other genre of music declined. Counry was the only one that increased.

2008-02-10 01:38:13
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What is the major city for the countinuing popularity of country music?

Nashville, Tennessee is the most famous city for country music.

When did country music start?

Country Music started to gain some popularity in the 1920's, but wasn't actually referred to as Country Music until sometime in the 1940's. Before then it was referred to as "Hillbilly Music".

How does music help in the economic growth of ones country?

how does music help in the economic

After World War 1 a surge in popularity of a certain genre of music led to?


What day did country music come out?

The world will never know the day country music came out, for it started in the United States before the nation won its independence from Great Britain. That's over 235 years ago. As far as the popularity of country music on radio, that would have started back in the 1920's. As far as the popularity of country music on television, that would have started back in the 1950's.

How music help in the economic growth on one country?

God Bless You

Jazz music popularity ever decline?

Yes it did. most people are either into pop, rock or country

Which websites contain how does music affect plant growth?

All music affects plant growth. Rock music decreases growth, and soft classical music increases growth by about 6 millimeters a week.

How does the popularity of radio music compare to other forms of entertainment?

Radio music has large number of listeners and is continually growing in popularity. It has grown in popularity, as many individuals listen to the radio on their phone, in the car and at work.

Does music affects the growth of plants?

yes classical music affect plant growth

When did Carrie Underwood's music popularity end?

It didn't

The British invasion was a surge in the popularity of what?

Pop music.

How does music helps in economics growth of ones country?

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Why was country music called hillbilly music?

country music is called hillbilly music because hillbilly music comes from country music.

What weekly American magazine charts the popularity of music?


Does music have an flower growth?


What period of music did Chopin write in?

Frederic Chopin wrote in the Romantic period of music, and led it into popularity.

Has the popularity of techno music decreased?

Although techno's popularity may have decreased over recent years, dubstep influenced pop and hiphop has gained popularity in its place. In the alternative scene, dreampop has resurged recently, a calmer alternative to the agressive pop music of today.

How do you say my favorite music is country music?

You say "My favorite music is country music."

Did Chamber music blossomed in popularity in the Classical era?


What is the growth chart for tamagotchi music star?

If you do an Internet search for "growth chart Tamagotchi Music Star," images will appear.

One reason for the growth of federal agencies is the population growth of our country?

One reason for the growth of federal agencies is the population growth of the country is a true statement.

What is a best music for country people?

country music

Why was country music created?

why was country music created

Does sunflower grow faster when it have music or they do not have music?

Music does not have any effect on the growth of plants.