What is the popularity rankings of credit cards issued by different banks?

Consumers are fickle so a list of "most popular credit cards" would change daily. Also, keep in mind, whatever you might need or want in a credit card may not be the same as what someone else needs. For example, you might want a credit card with airline miles or other travel rewards whereas your neighbor, a habitual home-body with no need for travel rewards, might want a cash back or balance transfer credit card. Finally, credit card offers mix and match features rarely giving the consumer everything they desire in one card. Don't believe me? Try the credit card search form at http://www.fastcreditcardoffer.com/credit-card-search.aspx and enter in your idea of the perfect credit card. Chances are you won't get any results unless you sacrafice a few of your wants. That is just the nature of the credit card business. The banks have to make credit card offers that are appealing but they also have to ensure that they make money on the cards they offer. I hope you can see now why a list of popular credit cards would be highly subjective and would change from peer group to peer group.