What is the population of Colorado Springs Colorado?

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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Colorado Springs, Colorado is 416,427 people.
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Is Batista coming to Colorado Springs?

Yep on May 22 who ever this is how do you know because he would miss the royal rumble match of the year how do you know when batista is coming back to raw for his return of the year.

What is the population of Colorado?

The state population was 4,301,261 as of the 2000 census. The State Demography Office for the state of Colorado also makes estimates of future populations. For 2008, the state estimate was 5,010,395. For 2009, the state estimate was 5,109,700. The 2010 Census recorded 5,029,196 residents in Col ( Full Answer )

Population of Colorado?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported thatthe estimated population in Colorado was 5,456,574 as of July 1,2015. Based on population, Colorado is the 22nd largest U.S.state.

What did Nikola Tesla do in Colorado Springs?

Tesla, a local contractor, and several assistants commenced the construction of the laboratory shortly after arriving in Colorado Springs. According to accounts, Tesla used it to transmit tens of thousands of watts of power wirelessly; it could generate millions of volts of electricity and produce l ( Full Answer )

What is near Colorado Springs?

To the North is the Air Force Academy, Monument and Castle Rock, . To the East is Schriver Air Force Base, Punkin Center and Limon. . To the West is Manitou Springs, Ute Pass, Pikes Peak and Woodland Park. . To the South is Fort Carson and Pueblo and SuperMax. In or nearby are numerous attraction ( Full Answer )

Curfew in Colorado Springs?

The curfew for all minors is 11:00 pm. Hope this helps and stay out of trouble. LOL!!

What is Colorado springs like?

pretty nice. warm in the summer, cold during the winter. mostly safe. beautiful mountains. skking, camping hicking. ect.

Is there a yoyo store in Colorado Springs Colorado?

There is a fantastic store in Manitu Springs, which is very near Colorado Springs. The store is called Plinkity Plink, and it is, for the most part a music box store. Back towards the cash register, you will find "YoyoLoco", one of the best stocked yoyo stores around. He has every brand you can thin ( Full Answer )

How long is the drive from Boulder Colorado to Colorado Springs Colorado?

Distance:98 Miles Time:1Hour 31Minutes It depends on which route you want to take. You can either take Hwy 36 from Boulder, then get onto I-25 and head all the way down to Colorado Springs. This is probably a faster way down. However, if you would like a little scenic detour down; I would take ( Full Answer )

How far is it from Denver to Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is 61 miles (98 kilometers) south of Denver, which is usually a 2-hour minimum car drive away. Colorado Springs is only 1 hour from Denver.

What is Colorado Springs known for?

Colorado Springs is the 2nd largest city in size and population in the state of Colorado. And Colorado Springs is situated near the base of one of the most famous American mountains, Pikes Peak.

How long from downtown Colorado to Colorado Springs?

You can make the drive from downtown Denver to Colorado Springs in a minimum of 1 hr. with a few important conditions: -It is not rush hour -by "downtown" you're not too far from I-25 -You're going to the Air Force Academy This is an easy drive during off peak hours. The Academy is at the northern ( Full Answer )

Why is Colorado Springs an important city?

Colorado Springs is near the base of the Rocky Mountains, which is one of the most famous American mountains. And the song "America the Beautiful" was written when Katherine Lee Bates was amazed by the spectacular views from the top of Pike's Peak. Colorado Springs is also home of the only US Olympi ( Full Answer )

What rivers are near Colorado Springs?

None, but, creative minds made it work anyway. After all, if they could move mountains to build railways, what was a minor water supply problem? Engineers could do anything. After all the Romans had managed water quite well.

What are fun things to do in Colorado Springs?

There is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo within the city limits and their sky ride has the most oustanding view of Colorado Springs. You can also get a grand view by hiking Pulpit Rock. There's also party/arcade places called iTZ and Mr. Biggs. And of course, there is Garden of the Gods. There are other f ( Full Answer )

How big is Colorado Springs?

HUGE! Colorado Springs is the second largest city in both land size and population size in the state of Colorado.

Is there a citibank in Colorado Springs co?

While there are several Citibank ATMs in Colorado Springs, there is no actual Citibank branch. Most of these ATMs are the type found at gas stations, and may not be able to provide the services which can be had through a drive-up ATM.

What part of Colorado Springs is the ghetto?

No neighborhood of that description exists. Urban renewal has taken its toll. Wood Avenue is no longer Millionaires Row and Shooks Run is decidedly up scale.

What is the distance from Lubbock to Colorado Springs?

605 miles taking this route: . Take I-27 NORTH to LOOP 335 (Hollywood Rd) at EXIT 116. . Turn left onto LOOP 335. Take LOOP 335 around Amarillo to I-40 WEST. . Take I-40 WEST to U.S. 84 NORTH to LAS VEGAS at EXIT 256 in NEW MEXICO. . Take U.S. 84 NORTH to I-25 NORTH. . Take I-25 NORTH to Colo ( Full Answer )

Where is Colorado Springs located?

Colorado Springs is located 65 miles (105 kilomters) south of Colorado's capital city Denver. Coordinates for Colorado Springs are 38° 51′ 48″ N, 104° 47′ 31″ W

What are the rates for homes in Colorado Springs?

Depending on what you are looking for, the prices will vary. A simple one story house could go from 20,000 to 300,000 dollars. If you want a more extravagant home, it could go from 500,000 to 800,000+ dollars.

Is Colorado Springs a land mark?

While the city itself isn't a landmark persay, it is home to many famous landmarks and historical sites. To name a few, The Broadmoor Hotel, Cliff House at Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods Park, U.S. Air Force Academy, U.S. Olympic Committee and Training Center, Pikes Peak- America's Mountain and many ( Full Answer )

When is the first day of spring in Colorado?

March 20, 2008 - 12:00pm. This is the first day of Spring. Also know as the Spring Equinox. It marks the beginning of Spring and the time when days and nights are of equal length.

Why is boulder and Colorado Springs important to Colorado?

Boulder is the home of several famous science institutes, has the largest university in the entire state of Colorado, and has for several years acquired top ratings in health, well-being, quality of life, and education. Colorado Springs is the home of the only USA Olympic Training Center and is loca ( Full Answer )

How far is aurora from Colorado Springs?

Between 70 and 90 miles, depending on which area of the Springs you're leaving from (Colorado Springs actually has a larger land area than Denver).

What months it snows in Colorado springs?

It is iffy. You might not see snow except for December and January,or you might see your first snowfall for the season in October andthe last one in May.