What is the population of Michigan?


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According to the US census of 2010, the population of Michigan was 9,883,640.

An estimate in late 2011 was 9,876,187 (continuing the decline since 2000).
9.91 million (2014)


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The population in Michigan in 2009 was 9,969,727.

The 2008 population of Michigan is 10,003,422.

The population of michigan in 2013 is 9,883,640

Michigan Bell's population is 8,900.

the population density of michigan. U.S.A is 67.99

The population of the state of Michigan as of 2013 estimates is 9.896 million. The population density of Michigan is 102.3 people per square mile.

The Census Bureau estimated that the population of Michigan in 2011 was 9,876,187.

The population of Lansing, Michigan is just over one hundred and fourteen thousand as of 2011. Lansing, Michigan is the capital city of the state of Michigan.

According to the 2000 US Census, the population of Michigan was approximately 9,938,444.

University of Michigan Credit Union's population is 110.

3.16% of the total US population lives in Michigan.

The most recent information we have available is from 2014, at which time, the population of Michigan was 9.91 million.

Because people immigranted in Michigan

About 9.8 million population and decreasing.

Population of Midland is about 42,000.

The population of Holland, Michigan is about 22.73% Hispanic, as of the 2010 census. This can be compared with the 2000 census that listed the Hispanic population as 22.20%.

Yes...there is a large population of Klansmen in Michigan.

Michigan has one of the worst unemployment population in the USA.

According to census.gov, the 2007 population density estimate of Michigan is 175 people per square mile.

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union's population is 400.

On the 2000 census Flint, Michigan is listed with a 124,943 population.

The state of Michigan ranks 8th in population and 11th in geographic size.

As of 2010, the population of the city Wyandotte in the state of Michigan is 25, 883 people. This is a 7.6% decrease since 2000, which was 28,006 back then.

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