What is the population of Muslims in Greenland?


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IGC (Islamic Greenland Council) registered members are 7321 in may 2007.


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There are Muslims in Greenland but no moskeé or church

The population of Royal Greenland is 1,888.

The population of Greenland Airport Authority is 2,003.

Greenland Airport Authority's population is 391.

The population of Great Greenland Furhouse is 52,563,437,165.

The population of Great Greenland Furhouse is 2,011.

Nuuk is the largest and capital city of Greenland. It is the economic hub of the country and has a population of 16,454 which is largest in Greenland.

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Greenland has a population of about 57,000 while Lancaster, UK has a population of about 46,000. Greenland's population is about 1.2 times the size of Lancaster's, a total of about 11,000.

Yes, there is a population of about 7500 polar bears in Greenland.

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The population of Greenland is about 57,000 and indigenous peoples make up 89% of the population, totaling to about 50,730.

It is 56,239 (2017 estimate).

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