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The population of Greater Tokyo has a estimated at 35 million people. This is the largest metropolitan area in the world in terms of population greatly exceeding Mexico City with the next highest population of 19 million. It should be noted that the actual city of Tokyo itself has approximately 12 million people. Tokyo is basically many extremely large cities that are conjoined to the extent that is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. To give an example, Yokohama is basically interconnected to Tokyo and has a population the size of the city of Chicago.

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Q: What is the population of greater Tokyo?
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Which city has the greater population Mexico or Tokyo?

The population of Tokyo, the world's largest city by population. is more than one and one-half that of Mexico City.

What is the population of Tokyo?

The wards which comprise Tokyo have just over 12 millon people; that is over 10% of the population of Japan! The Greater Tokyo area contains a population of some 35 million. The population is 35 million people1,20000

Is Mexico bigger than Tokyo?

Population wise Tokyo would have greater but Mexico City has more area.

Is Tokyo bigger than Mexico City?

Population wise Tokyo would have greater but Mexico City has more area.

What is Tokyo's population in 2008?

It is tough to get an exact estimate for Tokyo as the city itself has approximately 12 million people and the population of the surrounding area which is often classified as greater Tokyo is approximately 32-35 million.

How many people live in tokio?

The city of Tokyo has a population of 13,230,000 people. The greater metropolitan area of Tokyo has a total population of between 34-36 million people.

What's the population of Tokyo?

the population of Tokyo is 35000000 people

What is Western Tokyo's population?

Western Tokyo's population is 4,128,111.

What is Tokyo Electron's population?

Tokyo Electron's population is 2,011.

What is the population of Tokyo Electron?

Tokyo Electron's population is 10,343.

How much of Japan's population is in Tokyo?

Approximately 10% of Japan's population is in Tokyo.

How big is Tokyo's population?

Tokyo's population is over 12 million people.

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