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The population stands at 2,623 for the Kenya Gravy zebra.

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What is the zebra population?

There are about 5,670 burchell's zebras in the world burchell's zebras are the most common zebras in the world!

What are some variations in the zebras population?

In the zebra population there are variation in the stripes. Genes are responsible for variation in their stripes and there are no two zebras that are alike.

What is the population of zebras in the world?

Today there are only about 2500 Grevy Zebras remaining. There are 800-1300 Hartmann's mountain zebras and 600-700 cape mountain zebras.

What is the population of plain zebras?

About 2000-6000?

Are zebras becomeing extinctetive amimals and if so why?

I live in Kenya, and there is no alarming worry over the population of zebras

In an ecosystem in Africa lions are predators for zebras the lion population increases and they eat more zebras this decreases a zebra population what happens next?

It results in a population cycle where populations riseand fall over a predictable period of time. It's like a computer program.StartLots of lionsAdequate zebrasLions eat zebrasToo few zebrasSome lions starveAre there enough lions to form healthy breeding population? (Yes: go to #10, No got to #12)Are there enough zebras to form a breeding population? Yes: Go to #,10 No: Go to #12)More zebras than the remaining lions needZebra population expandsLion population expandsGo back to #1Lions die outZebra over population(Go to End)End

What is the population for zebras?

No one knows because their are so many of them.

A group of zebras breaking off from the herd decreases the size of the herd population?

population density

Would have the greatest impact on the survival of a population of zebras in Africa?

climate change

Which of the following would have the greatest impact on the survival of a population of zebras in Africa?

Climate Change

What is a collective noun for zebras?

Collective nouns for zebras are:a cohort of zebrasa herd of zebrasa zeal of zebras

How many types of zebras are there?

There are 5 types of zebras. The most common are Plains zebras, Mountain zebras, and Grevy's zebras

What is a zebras relationship to humans?

Humans control some of the population. We also find them the star of our photo collection when we go to Africa. Zebras were hunted by humans but now we protect them and the population is growing again. I should know. I have done 4 reports on them and they are my favorite animal.

When there are fewer zebras than usual explain how does this affect the population of lions?

Think of this as a math problem. The population of zebras goes down. Zebras are one of the primary foods for lions. Less food mean less lions and less lions means they have less cubs. Therefore the population goes down. Some will also die due to not finding food and the sick lions will die out not getting replaced by new births.

What do zebras do all the time?

Zebras eat. Zebras look for food. Zebras walk, or run occasionally.

How long does zebras sleep?

what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

Do zebras have babies?

Zebras give birth to foals, which are baby zebras.

Do zebras have fathers?

Zebras reproduce sexually, so zebras do have fathers.

Are zebras hunted?

Some zebras are hunted, but grevy zebras are still numerous. Other zebras are hunted for their skin.

What is a zebras population?

If you're talking about stuff like lion prides and wolf packs, then zebras live in herds. If you're NOT talking about that type of stuff, well then, you're on your own bub. probally google it..(:

Suggest an explanation for why there are fewer lions than zebras on the African plains?

Generally, predators are less populated than their prey. Zebras are herbivores, meaning the grass of the African plains will always be there for them to eat. Lions, on the other hand, have to deal with the fluctuating population of the zebras and other animals for their food.

Are zebras prey?

Zebras are prey. Several other animals eat zebras, but zebras don't eat other animals.

Do zebras live in Wyoming?

No, there are no zebras in Wyoming. (Zebras are native to the African continent.)

How do zebras survive?

Zebras go in herds. Zebras never go alone

What are adult zebras called?


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