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In the U.S., 79%

In the world, about 33%

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Which population has the largest national Christian population as a percentage of total population?

The country with the most Christians in it is England. The percentage of Christians there is 91.6% The rest are Jewish.

How many Christians are there in Asia?

There are roughly 275 million Christians in Asia, with the largest population being concentrated in the Philippines with over 90 million Christians. Asia has the smallest percentage of the world Christian population and the percentage of Christians among Asians is also very low.

What percentage of the world's population are Christians?

A rough estimate: 30 %.

What country has the highest percentage of Christians?

The nation of Greece has the highest population of Christians. It is estimated that about 99.7 percent of all people in Greece are Christians.

What percentage of Canada's population are Christians?

According to the latest available estimates, 67 per cent of Canadians are Christians. The Christian proportion of the population is continuing to fall.

What Asian country has the highest percentage of Christians on the continent?

The Philippines There are an estimated 70 million Christians in China, that is out of a population of 1.3 billion.

Which Arab country has the most Christians?

Egypt has by far and away the largest number of Christians. However, in Lebanon, Christians form the highest percentage of any Christian population in an Arab country at roughly 41% of the overall population.

Which province in Canada has the largest population of Christian Protestant?

Ontario has the most Christians at 8,167,295. Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest percentage of Christians 93.19%.

What percentage of people in Libya are Christian?

There are about 100,000 Christians in Libya, which is around 1.6% of the country's population.

Which country in Europe has largely christians?

The country in Europe the largest population of Christians is Russia, with about 105,775,000 Christians (most of which are Orthodox). Although Russia is a transcontinental country between Europe and Asia, about 3/4 of Russia's population is in European Russia. Despite this, the country wholly in Europe with the largest population of Christians is Germany with about 58,400,000 Christians (which is split nearly in half between Catholics and Protestants).The country in Europe with the highest proportion of Christians, meaning a ratio of Christians to the total population, is Vatican City (100%). Vatican City is a mirostate and is the center of Catholicism. Disregarding Vatican City would put Greece with the largest ratio of Christians (99.7%).By the three major branches of Christianity, the countries with the largest population of Christians in that specific denomination are as follows:Orthodoxy:Population; Russia - 105,775,000(Wholly in Europe: Ukraine - 36,480,000)Percentage;Armenia - 98.8%Catholicism:Population; Italy - 53,190,000Percentage;Vatican City (100%)Protestantism:Population; United Kingdom - 36,000,000Percentage;Denmark - 91%

What percentage of the world's population are true christians?

Sadly very few. 33% call themselves Christians but in reality probably only 19% are true practicing Christians, perhaps less

Whats the percentage of Christians in Africa?

It is estimated that approximately 38.30 percent of the African population is Christian. The total population of Africa is 1.111 billion.

The percentage breakdown of the population by religion of Japan?

84% to 96% are Shinto and Buddhists the rest I believe are Christians

What percentage of world's population is Christian?

There's about 2 billion Christians out of the 6 billion people on earth

How many christians are there in France?

According to the site: The total percentage of Christians in France is Roman Catholic 76%; other Christian 4%; so 80% of the population. The population of France was 58,518,748 in 1999 so 46, 814,998.4 are Christians.

What percentage of world's population are Christian?

As of 2012, there are 2.4 billion Christians in the world. This is 34 percent of the world's total population of 6.8 billion people.

What state has the largest population of Christians?

1990 survey lists Utah as first by percentage of population and Massachusetts by members - see related link below:

What percentage of people in Japan are Christians?

In Japan, about 2% of the people are Christians. Most of the population follows Shintoism(89.3%) or Buddhism(71.4%), and many people belong to both.

What percentage of people are catholic in Jerusalem?

I'm not sure about catholics, but christians take up about 2.5% of the population in Jerusalem.

What is the percentage of Christians in Scotland?

It's a little outdated, but the 2001 census revealed 65.09% of the Scottish population is Christian.

What percentage of Samoans are Christian?

Over 99 percent of Samoans are Christians. The population is further divided into different denominations

What percentage and number of the world's population practice Christianity?

Around 2.1 Billion Christians. that is about 1/3rd the population of the earth or 33.33333333333333333333333 with the three after the decimal place constantly reapeting %. The largest majority of Christians are Catholic, of which, there are about 1 billion catholics in the world. that is 1/6th of the population.

What percentage of people are Christians out of the world?

This is difficult to say as there are many Christians in countries that persecute Christians and where many millions have to meet in secret. One such country is China where there are estimated to be over 100 million Christians, many of whom meet in secret. Therefore there are estimated to be around 2.1 to 2.8 billion Christians in the world out of a population of around 6 billion, which puts the percentage from 35 - 45%.

What is the population of Muslims and Christians in the world?

Muslims - 23% of the world population Christians - 31% of the world population

What is the percentage of Christians in Russia?

In 1997, 60% of Russia were Christians.

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