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What is the positive wire between the red and black wire?

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Red wire is positive (+) and black wire is negative (-).

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Is there a difference between black wire and red wire?

Yes, the red wire is a positive wire (+) and the black wire is a negative wire (-) :D

Why does a battery snap have a red wire and a black wire?

Red wire=positive Black wire=negative

Is the red wire for plus or minus in a battery?

The red wire is Positive, (+) and the Black wire is Negative. (-)

Where are red and black wires used and why?

On an AC circuit for electric heating where no neutral wire is used, red jacketed red and black 2 wire is used. On a DC circuit red and black wires are used to differentiate between the positive and negative polarities.

Does the red wire go on the plus sign on a battery or the minus?

The red wire goes to the positive (+), and the black wire goes to the negative (-).

What is black on a car battery?

The black wire means negative and the red wire means positive if that's what you where asking

What color is the positive wire on a lawnmower battery?

The positive wire on most batteries is red. If both are black, look for the positive sign by the electrode.

Is the red wire positive?

YesCaveatIn general, when working with DC, the red wire is positive and the black wire is negative. In the US and Canada, when working with AC, the colored wires (red, black...) are "hot", the white wire is neutral and the green or bare wire is ground.Note that the above is NOT a requirement for "switch legs".

Standard automotive wire colors?

Black for negative and red for positive.

Which wire colors for 12v battery?

Red to positive, black to negative

What wire is connected to positive side of battery?

Positive is usually the red wire. As we are discussing a battery, I assume that we are referring to DC. Red is the wire for Positive, Black would be Negative. The Black wire attaches to a ground point on most DC circuits. Had we been referring to an AC circuit, Black would be the 'hot' wire, white would be what is known as 'neutral' & green would be the Ground wire.

How do you wire a four wire 220v?

The 4-wire cable should have black, red, white and a green or bare wire. The 220 volts is between red and black. The white is neutral or common and there would be 110 volts between white and red and between white and black. The green or bare wire is the ground.

What are the positive and negative speaker wire colors on a 2008 pathfinder?

The positive speaker wire is red while the negative speaker wire is black on a 2008 pathfinder.

Which is hot wire black or red?

In a DC circuit, such as a car, the RED wire is usually the positive (hot) and the black wire is the negative (ground) In an AC circuit, such as your house, in the US both black and red are "hot" wires, with white being neutral.

Which wire is positive or negative in hot power lithium polymer battery?

Red is positive, Black is the negative

How do you wire 12volt holagen light to battery?

Red is positive black is ground.

Does the red battery wire go on the right?

The red battery wire goes on the positive + battery terminal no matter which side it is on. The black wire goes on the negative - terminal.

What are power antenna wiring color codes for 96 Camry?

The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

Wirring colours for Pioneer DEH 2030R?

The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The yellow wire is the speaker wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

Does anyone have the RADIO wiring guide for a 2002 gEO Chevy Tracker?

Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: WhiteAccessory Switched 12v+ Wire: White/BlackGround Wire: BlackIllumination Wire: Red/YellowDimmer Wire: Red/GreenAntenna Trigger Wire: PinkLeft Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): WhiteLeft Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black/BlueRight Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): BlueRight Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): White/RedLeft Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light GreenLeft Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Green/BlackRight Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): GrayRight Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray/Black

What are the Rear speaker wire colors on a 2005 Mitsubishi?

The left rear speaker wire positive is -Yellow/Blue negative is - Black/Blue The right rear speaker wire positive is - Yellow/Red negative is - Gray/Red

Mitsubishi lancer stereo wire colors?

The ground wire is a black. The positive wire is red. The speaker wires are yellow and green. The auxiliary wire is white.

How do you know which wire is positive and which wire is negative in the stereo of the car rear specifically?

Positive is normally red or white with a red stripe. Negative is usually green or on rare occasions black. A multimeter will verify this.

Can you tell the radio wire colors for a 97 Pontiac Bonneville?

The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The green wire is the speaker wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

Why the rear passenger door in your Chevy Tahoe has a red wire for the speaker?

The presence of the red wire has no any other importance. The red wire connecting to the speaker is attached to the positive terminal. The black wire connects to the negative terminal.