What is the postal address of Universal food company?

Farooq Bukahri and Universal Food Company that he refers to

It is fraudulent group and contacting people about a lucky draw. The fraudulent group leader is working with a fake name Farooq Bukhari . His mobile number is 03003165967. He inform ppl that they have won a prize of Alto car then ask for freight charges so that car is delivered. i will advise all to provide his name to FIA if receive his call.

The Fraud Farooq Bukahri has started calling on the PTCL numbers in different cities, during the day so that he could contact Females, he gives the personal info like name and Father name of of Person that makes Innocent peoples believe this Fraud . Since this info(Name Address and father Name of the Person against the phone number) is there on the phone directories, and the access is open to every one and the Frauds like Fake Farooq Bukhari are exploiting the access to information.

You can Call to DD Crime FIA Karachi or you may send email. Some other Numbers they use is 0333 2088270, 0300 592 0023 & 0321 - 859 5047 - They'll confidently tell you that they have their representatives all over the country including Peshawar and will give some Peshawar Mobile Nos also with whom they have contacts and then will refer to you to Al - Umar Car Carrier Service and give his Phone as 0333 - 791 4950 and Mirza Aamir Iqbal / Shahzad Iqbal. If someone asks them about their PTCL Nos they'll never give making an excuse that the Exchange is being repaired - Then He'll ask you to deposit the Payment which will be around Rs. 24, 000.00 from Karachi to Peshawar - Now they have started calling peoples of Peshawar and other far flung areas  

Please call or Send Email to FIA as much as you can so that some action should be taken against this Fraud.


DD Crime Phone# 9203076