What is the potential for IT Sector in Burundi?

Bujumbura, Africa: The Information and Communication Technology Industry in Burundi will develop in leaps and bounds in the near future, believes Murali Krishna, Country Manager of Swiftsat Broadband Internet.

Mr. Krishna who hails from India, was addressing the company board and employees here in Bujumbura on the occasion of the launch of his UAE based brand, Swiftsat ISP in Burundi.

"Friends have often asked me, 'What do you see in a market like Burundi?', and I always tell them that the ICT industry here is at its nascent stage and presents an incredible potential for growth", recalled Mr. Krishna, when asked about his motivation to roll out Swiftsat's VSAT Internet in Burundi.

Mr. Krishna's Swiftsat Broadband Internet is the country's first and only locally licensed VSAT Satellite Internet Service Provider. Unlike most internet networks which require DSL lines , Fiber Optic Cables or mobile towers in close proximity; Swiftsat relies on Geosynchronous Satellites to provide reliable internet connectivity across the length and breadth of Burundi.

"A Swiftsat connection only requires the customer to have a VSAT [Very Small Aperture Terminal] antenna along with a compatible modem and system. The connectivity is then provided via the new fast and reliable Ka Band technology", explained Mr. Krishna. "This makes it possible for people to connect from virtually anywhere in Burundi, regardless of terrain or availability of local infrastructure", he added.

Mr. Krishna also commended the Government and people of Burundi for the progress that country has made with respect to development and modernization. "The youth here are smart, ambitious and service minded; they present a great promise to the future of the nation. Although unemployment currently presents a challenge in The Great Lakes Region, the growth of the ICT sector would create fresh opportunities in the sector, which would increase the demand for high speed connectivity and data services".

"Our vision at Swiftsat is to empower this growth through fast, reliable and easily accessible high speed internet connectivity coupled with an unmatched dedication to quality of service", concluded Mr. Krishna.

With its regional headquarters in Bujumbura, the Dubai based Swiftsat now also provides VSAT Satellite internet in Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

About Swiftsat Broadband Internet
Swiftsat Broadband Internet is our unmatched quality of Service and superfast, reliable connectivity empowered by Ka satellite Ka band. The unique nature of satellite internet helps us provide dependable network coverage even in inaccessible areas and difficult terrain. And the advantages of Ka band enable us to provide superfast speeds beyond the reach of conventional satellite ISPs.

Coupled with our dedication to customer service, we are able to provide unmatched quality of service in all major cities of the African Great Lakes region. Our Vision is to empower development through easily accessible and reliable high speed internet connectivity.