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What is the practices of Jehovah witnesses?


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May 13, 2012 2:44PM

I'm not sure exactly what your question means.

Some practices of Jehovah's Witnesses are:

  • We try to read some parts of the Bible daily; and spend much time reflecting on the wonders and wisdom of Jehovah God, its author.
  • Our prayers are not 'repetitively manuscripted', but are more spontaneous. (I have probably NEVER actually said 'The Lord's Prayer' as such; (other than reading it when I get to that section in the Bible) I find no need to repeat it as a religious mantra; yet I pray fervently and regularly.)
  • We freely use God's personal name, in our worship, in our prayers, and in our conversations with others. (This is quite a unique practice, not very common within Christendom.)
  • We gather together at meetings twice a week for Bible education. We have many question-&-answer sessions instead of 'preachy sermons'. There are 'demonstrations / skits / practical re-enactments. Everyone has a chance on the platform, including children. It is more an 'educational' event; it is NOT a 'ritual' event. We avoid crosses and idols and other religious paraphernalia.
  • We have never segregated our families with Sunday schools. We all worship together as families.
  • Each family also has a 'family worship time'; where the family studies the Bible in their home. If there are no children, then husband will study with his dear wife. I someone is single, then they have their own session by themselves, or they might be included with another family occasionally. This practice shows respect for the 'family' arrangement.
  • We train EVERYONE for the house-to-house ministry; even our children, the uneducated, and the handicapped ones, whether physically or mentally / emotionally challenged or not.
  • Three times a year we gather in larger assemblies and extra-large conventions; for a 2-day or 3-day Bible education session. We also use that opportunity to meet other families.
  • We also 'practice giving' as the Bible states Christians should. (Luke 6:38) (Except we are not regulated by the commercially-charged giving of Christmas, birthdays, and other celebrations of pagan origins.) Also, any literature we provide to the community in our ministry is free. (While we do accept contributions; by-&-large we pay the publishing and printing costs from our own pockets, never thinking twice about it; never making anyone feel they need to reimburse us personally. Any contributions we do receive is forwarded to the 'printing facilities'.)
  • We 'baptize'. (Not infants.) Before baptism, there is an intensive one-on-one Bible Study course. It is tailored for the needs of the person. (Much like the process of applying for citizenship in another country; our new members are interviewed several times by the elders; they are tested on their knowledge; and their duties and responsibilities are reviewed. They are either given a 'green light' or are asked to improve in a particular area.)
  • We also practice disfellowshipping of those among us who refuse to live by the high moral standards as outlined in God's Word the Bible. This keeps our congregations spiritually and morally pure; and helps us retain the high righteous standards in the Bible. (We also practice 're-instatement' of wrongdoers who show evidence of genuine repentance, and who have changed their conduct.)
  • We do not 'tithe'. We have never solicited contributions by passing a plate or envelope. Our conventions and assemblies are free. Weddings, funerals, etc, and any specialized religious schooling is completely free.