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What is the prayer to Saint Anthony?


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October 06, 2014 11:31PM

There are a number of saints named Anthony but if you are referring to St. Anthony of Padua, here is the prayer to find lost articles.

Prayer to Find Lost Things

"O glorious Saint Anthony, since God has given thee the power of miracles, a power thou hast exercised for more than six centuries, and since He has given thee in particular the power of finding that which has been lost, I come to thee with the confidence of a child to the best of fathers. Grant me, above all, to find the grace of God, if I have had the misfortune to lose it; grant me to find also my former fervor in the service of God and in the practice of virtue; and as a pledge of these graces, so important for my eternal salvation, grant me to find also the things I have lost. Thus, thou shalt make me experience the presence of thy goodness, and thou wilt increase my confidence and my love for thee. (Our Father.)"

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October 06, 2014 10:59PM

The prayer to Saint Anthony is said when one has lost something. Praying to Saint Anthony is said to help you find missing items.