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There is no predicate adjective in that sentence.


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The synonym of tossed is thrown up (vomited). He tossed his cookies.

There is no indirect object in the sentence, "Your friend tossed the ball to you."the noun 'ball' is the direct object of the verb 'tossed'The pronoun 'you' is the object of the preposition 'to'If the sentence were written, "Your friend tossed you the ball.", the pronoun 'you' is the indirect object of the verb 'tossed'. The noun 'ball' is still the direct object of the verb 'tossed'.

The adjective forms for the verb to 'toss' are the present participle, tossing (The tossing sessions have strengthened my wrist.), and the past participle, tossed(The tossed confetti and streamers were cleaned up by maintenance before dawn.).

That blade was reusable, you shouldn't have tossed it.

The horses snorted with alarm and tossed their heads.

I can only assume the passengers were tossed about because of the defensive maneuver.

One word that can mean tossed away is discarded. An example used in a sentence is "John discarded his refrigerator at the salvage yard after it stopped working."

No, the word 'tossed' is a verb, the past participle, past tense of the verb to toss. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:Jack tossed an tomato across the table to Kim. (verb)Kim cut the tomato into pieces for a tossed salad. (adjective)The word 'toss' is also a noun; a word for an instance of being thrown or flung; the distance that something is thrown; an abrupt movement of the head; the flip of a coin to decide an issue; a word for a thing.A pronoun is a word that takes the placed of a noun in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'toss' is it.Examples:The toss was in my favor. It came up heads.He gave an indignant toss of the head. Itdislodged his toupee.

I tossed a ball through the portal and it came out the other side

After robbing the batter of his homer, the outfielder tossed his glove into the air.

I tossed the coin and true enough, heads was facing up.

No, the word tossed is not an adverb.The word tossed is a verb, as it describes an action.

The comedian, famous for his witty one-liners, tossed off epigram after epigram.

The comedian, famous for his witty one-liners, tossed off epigram after epigram.

Johnny not only caught the baseball his friend tossed to him, he also caught the flu.

The suffix for tossed is ed

After heating my wok to a scorching heat I quickly tossed my vegetables in so they would not loose there natural flavor.

Tall, towering, trembling trees tossed in the tempest.

tossed = threw finished = through

In slang, cookies may refer to stomach contents or vomit. Example: "I got so drunk last night that I tossed my cookies all over the sink." In computer jargon, cookies are files that websites store on your computer. Often they are used to remember that you are logged in or remember that you took a certain course of action on a web page. Example: "I hate how the advertisers now read cookies placed there by other sites and spy on what you have purchased or looked at." It can also be a slang term for female genitalia.

tossed salad refers to salad (such as lettuce, tomato, etc) that is tossed in a bowl using tongs or whatever else. There is also a sexual reference to tossed salad but im not explaining that.

Yes, a tossed salad is a mixture of all its ingredients.

tossed has 2 syllables (tos-sed) bye x

I am only here because my ship was tossed upon the shores of the Dardanelles. Xerxes crossed the Dardanelles before Christ was born.

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