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Christian is the biggest religion. Savannah in Georgia, USA is in the Deep South. Most people in that part of the US are Baptist. Whites are usually Southern Baptist and Blacks are usually independent Baptists.

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Q: What is the predominant religion practiced by people in the city of Savannah Georgia?
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What religion was practiced in Georgia?

Mainly bapyists and christians my friends?

Was religion is practiced in Georgia?

The predominate religion in Georgia is Christianity. Most likely, Southern Baptist being the most popular denomination.

What religion did Georgia practice?

In the 1700's it would not have mattered what religion Georgia practiced, people had the freedom of religion.

Is Savannah located in Georgia?

Yes. Savannah is in Georgia. :)

What was predominant religion of colonial Georgia?

All types of religion were welcomed but they did not accept Roman Catholics due to religious wars fought earlier.

What city was called the Mother City of Georgia?

Savannah, Georgia. Savannah

How far is it from Ft Benning Georgia to Savannah Georgia?

There are about 227.164 miles between Ft Benning, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia.

How many miles from Atlanta to Savannah?

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Were is Savannah and Georgia located?

Georgia: in the southeastern United States. Savannah Georgia: in Chatham County and the state of Georgia.

What are the bodies of water in Savannah Georgia?

The Savannah River flows through Savannah, Georgia. It is also by the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway.

Does Savannah Georgia have deserts?

No, Savannah has no deserts.

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Has Georgia regional in Savannah ga closed?

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Savannah was established in 1733.

Where was the battle of Savannah?

Savannah, Georgia around 1779

Where was the battle of Savannah fought?

Savannah, Georgia 1778

Were is Savannah state university located at?

Savannah, Georgia

What was Savannah Georgia named after?

It is named after the Savannah River.

Where in Savannah?


Was Savannah Georgia burned during the Civil War?

No, Savannah Georgia was burned during the American Revolution.

How many miles there is between Atlanta Ga and Savannah Ga?

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What is the driving distance from Meridian to Savannah?

The driving distance from Meridian, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia is 60 miles.

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There are 256.835 miles between Ashville, North Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.