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What is the preload on the pinion bearing and the backlash on the crownwheel and pinion inside the rear differential of a 1997 ford explorer 4 wheel drive?

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2007-07-15 17:25:26

The shim between the inner bearing and the pinion is critical

and if it's lost you need special tools to set the pinion depth.

replace the bearings and seal with an new crush sleeve thighten the

pinion nut until the sleeve crushes and you can't move the pinion

up and down. Then very slowly tighten the pinion nut checking the

rotational torque. You will need an inch pound torque wrench, when

the preload is correct it should take between 20-25 inch pounds of

torque to rotate the pinion. If you get it too tight you need to

replace the crush sleeve and start over. Proper bearing preload and

gear mesh are critical.

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