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Force = 450N

Area Of Contact = 5m * 4m = 20m2

Pressure = Thrust /Area = 450/20 N/m2 = 22.5 PA = 22.5 N/m2

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2010-09-16 07:20:15
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Q: What is the pressure if a body exerts a force of 450N on an area of 5m x 4m?
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What is exerting pressure?

Force exerts pressure. For example: At the surface of the Earth the column of air in the atmosphere above an area has a mass that exerts a force (due to gravity) on that surface area.

What is the force on a surface divided by the total area cover which the force is exerted?

That's the definition of the 'pressure' which the force exerts on the surface.

Is it true that pressure is defined as the force one object exerts on another object?

No, that is not true. Pressure has the dimension of force/area, which is not the same thing as just force.

What is the area of a 1500 N object that exerts a pressure of 500 Na?

Pressure equals force/area so from this you can get area equals force/pressure. plug in your numbers and get an area of 3. I'll let you work out the units

Area around electrons that exerts a force?

The area around electrons that exerts a force is an electric field. :)

When Force divided by the area over which the force is exerts pressure?

yes, force divided by area is pressure; its units are pounds per square inch, or newtons per square meter, for example. I you pull on an object with force over an area it is called stress

How do you find the pressure of a gas?

Pressure is measured by the force it exerts on an area. Usually pounds per square inch (psi) or newtons per square meter ( called Pascals ). To find the pressure of a gas you need to know how much force it exerts over a certain area. This is usually accomplished with a pressure gauge.

How does solid exerts pressure?

It exerts pressure downwards unlike liquids. In short the pressure is weight/area

Is the pressure exerted by a brick on its side or end more or less?

It is if a brick rests on a table the force with which the brick pushes on the table is its weight. The pressure it exerts on the contact area depends on the brick's orientation. If the contact area between brick and table is larger, the brick exerts less pressure on the contact area.

Which exerts greater pressure on the floor -standing flat-footed or standing on tiptoes?

tiptoesWhen standing on tiptoe, the force exerted by your body remains the same, but is now concentrated in a smaller area. Pressure is measured in force divided by area. By reducing the area, you increase the pressure.

What is the area of a 1500 N object that exerts a pressure of 500 Pa?

Force = Area*Pressure 1 Pascal = 1 N/m^2 1500N = Area*500Pa Area = 1500N/500Pa = 3m^2

Why buildings and dams have wide foundations?

This is because, same force acting on a smaller area exerts a larger pressure and smaller pressure on larger area. Here, buildings are given wide bases to exert less pressure on large area.

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