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No. 2 scrap copper is around $3.20 per lb depending on your location.

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Current price of recycling aluminum in California?

Current price of recycling copper in Susanville, California

What is the scrap price for yellow brass?

Its around 50-55% of market copper price, depends on recycling center.

What are the bad effects of recycling copper?

Recycling is always a better option for the environment. However, copper recycling has had some negative impacts. This is because copper recycling has caused a rise in copper thefts

What is copper recycling?

Copper recycling is to get copper from copper contained materials by ways such as extracting, separating, etc.. This is a resource-saving and environment-friendly method for us.

How is recycling copper and extracting copper the same?

Maybe the same lies in the reuse of copper. The difference is that recycling copper is a general term which includes extracting copper and other processing methods.

Recycling scrap copper in the production of copper wire?


Why some countries concentrate on recycling copper more than recycling iron?

Copper is more valuable than iron, so some countries focus on recycling more of it.

Does recycling copper provide jobs?


Can copper pipe be put in the recycling bin?

Yes you can put copper pipe in the recycling bin, but why would you want to? Take it to your local recycling location and get paid around $3.00/lb.

What are the problems with recycling copper?

The problems with recycling copper is that due to the new raised prices in copper people are staring to take copper from peoples houses. These people are called Copper Thief's. Another reason why you shouldn't recycle copper is that it's very expensive.

Where can you recycle copper wire?

Many recycling centers recycle copper wire.

What are the materials in recycling?

copper scrap metal

What are two drawbacks of recycling copper?

Two drawbacks of recycling copper are that it causes secondary pollution and it is harder to purify in the event of other metals getting into it.

What is the price of scrap brass per pound in Florida?

The price of all scrap varies and has had significant fluctuations on a daily basis. Brass - yellow, red , bronzes are around 50-65% of market Copper price, depends on recycling yard. You can check real scrap copper, brass, and wires prices online.

What is the current price of scrap copper?

Scrap copper prices vary according to the grade of scrap copper (bare brite, #1, #2, etc.) as well as per supply and demand and the comex and spot market prices. Depending on quantity of material and your location in the world you can expect to get anywhere between 3 - $3.75 per pound of scrap copper. stripper clean scrap copper will get you the highest recycling prices.

What are copper granules?

Copper granules are very small and rice shape copper made by copper granulators. They are usually made from copper scrap for the purpose of recycling.

What is the price per pound for 1 grade copper in South Carolina?

Copper is going anywhere from 2.10 for #1 copper and 2.00 for #2 copper.

What is price of number 2 copper in Maryland?

2.60 lb

Disadvantages of recycling copper?

Sometimes, the recycling costs maybe rather high. While if the recycling techniques are not mature enough, it will cause secondary pollution.

What is the current price for scrap No. 2 copper?

as of Sept 17, 2008 the current scrap metal copper price for No.2 scrap is approximately $2.44 per pound (lbs)

What is the price of copper?

The price of copper per pound is about $4.00.

What is the price of copper in corpus christi?

what is the price of copper today

Copper scrap price in NJ?

Scrap metal prices are very dynamic and are constantly changing daily. Copper scrap is also priced based on grade of the scrap copper meaning light gauge copper wire with insulation is a lower scrap price then stripped bare large copper cable (bare brite) or buss bar. In NJ as of May 2011 the price for #1bare brite copper wire is around $3.50 per lb and #1 Copper Tubing is around $3.25/lb. PLease keep in mind copper price do fluctuate and you should check prices daily to ensure you obtain best recycling prices possible

Recycling waste materials in the production copper wire?


What is the selling price of copper concentrate?

What is the current price of copper concentrates

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