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What is the price of a 1892 indian us indian one cent coin?


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how much is a one cent indian coin from the late 1800s

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It depends, but my 1892 Lady Liberty Penny (In good condition) Is worth $1.00.Correction and more informationAn 1892 cent is an Indian Head cent, not a Liberty Head cent. The US minted nearly a dozen different denominations in 1892, and at 4 different mints. Without knowing the coin's denomination and mint mark, it's not possible to give a value.

1892..............................$22 1892 O..........................$43 1892 S...........................$215 These prices will vary depending on the condition of the coin.

No Indian Head cent was ever struck in silver.

In mint condition the value of a 1892 Queen Victoria Indian silver Rupee coin is around 32.00 US Dollars.

There's no such coin. Wheat cents were made from 1909 to 1958. If your coin has an Indian head design, it's an Indian head cent, not a wheat cent.

The 1901 US Indian Head cent is not rare. The value of an average circulated coin is $1.00-$3.00.

The first Wheat Penny was made in 1909. If it is a US coin, it's an Indian Head cent and 1892 is a common date. Values for average circulated coins run from 25 cents to $2.00 depending on condition.

The coin is valued at a price close to $5. The price of the coin will vary depending upon its condition.

Check that coin again. The last year for Indian head one cent coins was 1909.

The value of an 1875 Indian head cent will depend on its condition. If it is in good condition it has a value of 13.00. An uncirculated coin has a value of 169.00. A coin rated as fine is valued at 50.00, an extra fine coin is worth 100.00.

The 1903 Indian Head cent is a high mintage common coin and the value depends on the condition of the coin. The average retail value is $1.00-$3.00 for most coins.

That depends if you mean 1 cent or 1 dollar, and if it's a silver or gold dollar. The price range could be anywhere from $10 to over $1,000. If by chance it has an Indian head design on it, resembling the Indian cent, and the back says 1 DOLLAR 1851, then it's a novelty coin, and it's not worth anything.

There is no such coin. Wheat cents were struck from 1909 to 1958. If you have an 1899 cent it is an Indian Head cent, not a wheat cent. Please see the related question for values.

This coin can vary drastically in price because some are much more common than others. The rarer coins range in value from $15 to $140. The more common coins range in value from $3 to $35.

A US one cent coin dated 1906 is a Indian Head (1859-1909) cent.

The Indian Head cents were replaced by Lincoln cents in 1909.

a five cent coin is usially called a five cent coin

The Australian 50 cent coin is heavier. 5 cent coin - weighs 2.83 grams. 10 cent coin - weighs 5.66 grams. 20 cent coin - weighs 11.31 grams. 50 cent coin - weighs 15.55 grams.

The 1887 Indian Head cent is a common coin. Most circulated coins have values of $3.00-$6.00 depending on the grade.

that wasa pretty rare coin. its about 1, 000 dollars

Sounds like an Indian coin - not UK?

No such coin exists, the 1825 cent is known as the Matron Head large cent and is about the size of a half-dollar not the size of modern day cents. The Indian Head cent wouldn't be minted until 1859.

I assume that you mean the liberty head 5 cent coin, the term Indian head refers to the one cent coin of that era. Value is dependent upon the condition of the coin. A well worn coin may get you $4-$25, a coin with little wear up to $100 and a coin that is in mint condition with no wear and the original reflective surfaces may get as much as $200, but this is dependant upon many different factors.

Wheat cents were made from 1909 to 1958. If your coin is dated 1901 it's an Indian head cent.

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