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The small one costs you Rs. 49/- and the big one is worth Rs. 110/-

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soy milk.Dont try silk soy milk its gross

There are soy based substitutes for dairy products, such as soy milk and soy ice cream. If you are interested in soy milk, allow me to recommend the Silk brand; that is the tastiest. Milk IS dairy. Cheese is made of milk, which means it is a DAIRY product. So no, milk is NOT dairy free.

Technicaly, no, the milk marketing order regulates the price that dairy farmers receive. Obviously, the consumer price and the farm price are linked, so in the end the USDA regulates both prices. For more information try

The word is spelled correctly: dairy, for milk and milk products, or a dairy farm.

The price for a gallon of milk in 2003 varied depending on which state a person lived in. Dairy states actually had higher milk prices than in other states. The average United States price for a gallon of milk at that time was about $2.50.

The function of a dairy is to produce milk and other milk base products. The dairy raises cows to utilize their milk.

Milk is in the Dairy group, so yes.

Soy milk is an example of non-dairy milk.

crème eggs boost whispa bournville (original, deeply dark, deeply dark with coffee, star bar old Jamaica and orange) dairy milk miniatures buttons (dark, dairy and white) mini eggs premium dark caramac brunch bar curly whirly caramilk animal bars celebrations texan bars chomp wham crème egg minis fizz wiz space dust crème egg twisted roses caramel egg heroes caramel egg minis astros crispy crunch crunchy dream dairy milk fingers dairy milk bar and a half five star Dairy Milk Whole Nut/Hazelnut flake Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut freddo Dairy Milk Roast Almond fudge Dairy Milk Crackle (India) ice gems Dairy milk shots jaffas Dairy milk caramel marble Dairy milk caramel nibbles milk tray Dairy Milk Bubbly (only available in larger block) Dairy Milk Double Choc mis-shapes Dairy Milk Mint Chips (discontinued in the UK, Ireland equivalent under the name of Dairy Milk Mint Crisp (crispy mint flavoured rice pieces) and New Zealand) Dairy Milk Coconut Rough (Australia) Dairy Milk Tiffin (Raisin & Biscuit) (Ireland) Dairy Milk Caramel whip - Nougat and Caramel Dairy Milk White Top (Australia) Dairy Milk Top Deck (Australia and South Africa) Dairy Milk Double Decker (Australia) picnic Dairy Milk Triple Decker (Australia) snack Dairy Milk Three Wishes (Australia) spots v.s stripes Dairy Milk Macadamia (Australia) temptations Dairy Milk Peppermint (Australia) time out Dairy Milk Peanut Butter (Canada) twirl Dairy Milk Turkish - Turkish Delight wonderbar Dairy Milk Black Forest (Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand) Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch (Introduced in 2008) Dairy Milk Cranberry & Granola (Introduced in 2008) Dairy Milk with Crunchie Bits Dairy Milk Cashew (Australia) Dairy Milk Rocky Road (Australia)

Probably Milk is a dairy product and pineaple milk is presumably milk flavoured with pineapple.

dairy farming is where you milk cows so you have milk.

You don't have to milk dairy wether (boy) goats.

every cheese is made out of milk and dairy prouducts. every cheese is made out of milk and dairy prouducts. every cheese is made out of milk and dairy prouducts. every cheese is made out of milk and dairy prouducts. every cheese is made out of milk and dairy prouducts.

no it is a meat. cheese,milk etc are dairy dairy is a product made form milk

No chicken is not dairy. Anything made from milk is considered to be dairy: milk, cheese or butter for example.

whenwas dairy milk first sold in the shops?

yes it because it is dairy milk and it has diary and milk in it

Yes, Silk nog is egg and dairy free.

Milk is dairy. Dairy products are made from milk. It is your main source of calcium but it also contains other nutritional stuff such as proteins, vitamin A, and riboflavin.

Milk keeps your teeth and bones healthy and all dairy products contain milk

no milk is a dairy product

Yes, milk from any type of mammal is a dairy product.