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What is the price range for a microphone headset?

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If you mean for a computer, Walmart has them maybe 15.00, maybe less

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What is a voice headset?

talk to the microphone on the headset

What is swivel boom mic?

A boom microphone is a microphone on a boom which is normally on a headset. A swivel boom would be a headset microphone that can swivel.

What mean headset w mic?

headset with microphone

What is the frequency of AKG C520L Wireless Headset Microphone ?

Frequency range is from60 Hz to 20 kHz.

What is a good PC headset around the price range of 50dollars?


Does the PS3 come with a microphone headset?

no it doesn't.

How do you make headset and microphone to work?

there wireless

How do you talk in halo?

You need a headset with microphone.

How much does a basic, but effective microphone, with optional headset cost?

About $20 for any basic headset.

how is the Audio Technica Wireless Headset Microphone System powered?

The Audio Technica wireless headset microphone is powered by two AAA batteries which will last for about twenty hours of recording.

Is Audio Technica ATW-251H-T2 Wireless Headset Microphone System has a dual channel?

Yes, it is dual channel Wireless Headset Microphone System.

Is the Shure PG14/PG30 Wireless Headset Microphone System comfortable?

The Shure wireless headset microphone is very comfortable, and covers the ears completely for an isolated listening environment.

How much does an iPod microphone cost?

The cost of an ipod microphone will differ. It all depends on the quality of the microphone you want to purchase. Price will range from 10 dollars up to about 50.

Is a headset an input or output device?

Head sets have speakers on two ears and a microphone. The speakers are output devices and the microphone is an input device. So if a headset is an input/output device.

My headset microphone is acting as a speaker?

Sorry - not possible. The physical make-up of the microphone does NOT allow it to become a speaker.

What kind of cables does the Audio Technica Wireless Headset Microphone System use?

The Audio Technica wireless headset microphone uses a standard mini jack that is found on all computers and stereos.

How do I make my computer's sound go through the speakers but still use a headset microphone The speaker in my headset broke?

only plug in the microphone plug into your computer while still plugging in the speakers.

Where can someone purchase a wireless microphone headset for a PS3 system?

There are many places where someone can purchase a wireless microphone headset for a PD3 system. It would be best to check on Amazon or on eBay for this item.

If my computer already comes with a microphone, is it possible to just purchase some sort of headset and plug it in to get the same results as purchasing a full headset/microphone set?

You can do that but results will not be as goos as an external mic.

What are the best microphone/headset packages that have blue tooth technology so I can roam around my apartment but still be able to use it for my cell phone in the other room?

The Sony Ericsson HBH-PV720 Bluetooth Headset has a Range of 10 Meters

Does iPod Touch 3g have a microphone?

No, But it does come with a headset with a built in mic.

What is the use of computer headset with microphone?

Holding a conversation over the internet.

Something to make a headset wireless I have a Razer electra headset and it has a detachable wire I need something to make it wireless with a microphone preferably?

you need to get an extra wire to connect with the razer electra with a microphone circuit

Do you need a microphone for Guitar Hero 5?

No, you don't need any microphone. If you plan on singing without the microphone you will need to have an Xbox Live 360 Headset.

Can I get a wireless headset and microphone for my XBox?

Indeed! Microsoft makes their own wireless headset, but there are third parties such as Logitech that make them, too.

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