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There are 2: 1. The safety of himself and his crew 2. His patient. More specifically, getting them to the hospital alive. Forget crime scenes, forget diagnosies, forget all of that. Treat what you see, and what you know to be the problem.

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Justice and virtue are of primary concern to?

Justice and virtue was a primary concern to Socrates.

What is Ecology and its primary concern?

Ecology is the study of ecosystems, and the primary concern is ecosystems and the factors (biotic and abiotic) in them and how they relate.

What was Frederick Douglass primary concern after the civil war?

After the Civil War, his primary concern became education for blacks.

How many years in collage to become a paramedic?

In Canada, it's an intense two year College program to become a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

What is the primary concern for unions?

employee rights

Socrates primary concern is with?

Justice and virtue

Justice and are of primary concern to Socrates?


What is the primary concern of the study of science?


What was the primary concern of the concert of Europe?

the responsibility of revolution

Socrates' primary concern is with?

justice and virtue.

What was Confucius' primary concern?

to kill all

What was the primary concern of JFK's domestic policy?

and again your fat

What is considered the primary ethical concern of a prosecutor?

Discretion and morality

The primary concern of the Palestinian refugees is?

To reestablish and return to their homeland.

What is a scientist's primary concern in a clinical trial?

Patient safety

Paramedic salary in Canada?

A Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario will be making from $60 000 - $75 000 grand a year if you work in areas such as Waterloo, Toronto, Peel. An Advanced Care Paramedic will be making from $80 000 - $90 000 grand a year. Pay is great huh ?

What is the primary concern when using hoists to lift a load?

Load Capacity

What was President Lincoln's primary concern during the Civil War was?


What is the primary concern with businesses today?

Profit. The same as it has always been.

What was the primary concern for eBay in its positioning for a certain type of space?


What is the primary concern of economics?

How society chooses to use its limited resources

How much money does a paramedic earn in Canada?

Depends on the city but in Ontario in areas like; Peel Region, Durham, Toronto, they'll make $70 000 grand full time as a (Primary Care Paramedic).

What is humanism multiple choice?

A doctrine in which human interests and capabilities are of primary concern

What was Lincoln's primary concern following the civil war?

keep the nation together

The primary concern of most pressure groups is?

electing particular candidates to office

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