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A worm can replicate itself and does not need a host for distribution

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A software worm is way bigger than a software virus and a software worm uses more RAM than a software virus.

The key difference between a computer virus and a computer worm is that a virus cannot be spread without human action, such as you running an infected file, wheras a worm can copy itself on your system and automatically send itself without you having to run a file.

Do you mean Worm? A Worm is a type of virus. Just like in humans, the Flu is a type of virus. A worm is a specific type of virus, and refers to viruses which use exploits to enter a system.

The difference between CD ROM and WORM is that WORM allows to write once for the first time. Capacity is also a characteristic difference.

A ROUND WORM IS round and aflat worm is flat

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No, parvo is a virus, not a worm.


Usually the first action that a virus or worm performs is to replicate itself. This attempts to ensure that the virus or worm spreads before being detected by a payload.

The posterior end of a worm is the lighter colored end of the organism... and the anterior end of the worm is darker.

no now orkut is safe From the worm & virus..

The first step a virus or worm takes is finding uninfected computers to infect.

omg you know that the earthworm is a worm and a shark is......i think a fish. and the shark eats the worm!!!

A virus is a program that is designed to spread from file to file on a single PC, it does not intentionally try to move to another PC, and it must replicate, and execute itself to be defined as a virus. A worm is designed to copy itself (intentionally move) from PC to PC, via networks, internet etc. A worm doesnt need a host file to move from system to system, whereas a virus does. So worms spread more rapidly then viruses. The word 'Virus' has become a common term a lot of people use to refer to worms and trojans too. Which is not exactly correct.

the difference between them is that vertebrate has a backbone and an invertebrate does not for example,worm is invertebrate and a dog is a vertebrate.

A computer worm or a worm virus is something that goes into your computer and destroys yourfiles.

A worm is just another type of virus. Viruses in general can do lots of different things. Worms however, are designed to spread across a computer network by exploiting security vulnerabilities in the network.A computer virus can only be activated by running the program in which it is located, however, the computer worm will run without a program open. Therefore, a worm is worse than a virus.Although both are malware, a computer worm is self-replicating, while a virus is not. Worms also do not need to be encrypted to a file to be spread over networks.

A simple virus can do basic things. For instance a worm, it finds wholes in networks, and can spread to other computers from one computer. Another example is, say there is a computer room at a school. And this computer room has lets say 20 computers all connected in a network to share files through a server computer. If one computer gets a worm, depending on the worm, it could spread through a number of the computers through the network. Worm: A type of virus that spreads through networks. Virus: Something that infects that one computer. Keylogger: Tracks whatever you type.

Ring worm is a fungal infection.

A slow worm - is a legless lizard... NOT a snake.

It is similar to a computer virus that is designed to interfere with a computer's operation.

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