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97 is a Prime number.

Thus its prime factorisation is itself: 97.

(1 is NOT a prime number.)

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97 is prime. End of story. ■97 is already prime; no factorization required.

factorization of 97 is 1 x 97 it is prime.

97 is already prime. It doesn't need a factorization.

97 is already prime; no tree.

97 is already prime; no tree required.

194 2 x 97 Since both 2 and 97 are prime numbers, the prime factorization tree is complete.

97 is already prime; no tree.

the only prime factors or 97 is 1 and 97... therefore 97 is a prime number... using exponents --> 11 * 971 = 97

1, 5, 97, and 485. The prime factorization is 5 x 97.

As a product of its prime factors it is: 2*2*31*97 = 12028 or as 22*31*97 = 12028

97 is a prime number. The only two factors of a prime number are 1 and itself.The two factors of 97 are 1 and 97. There are only two factors of a prime number.The only factor pair of 97 is 1 x 97. There is only one factor pair of a prime number.The proper factors of 97 are only 1 or,if the definition you are using excludes 1, there are none.The only prime factor of 97 is 97. There is only one prime factor of a prime number - itself.The distinct prime factor (listing each prime factor only once) of 97 is also 97.The prime factorization of 97 is 97. In some cases, to emphasize that it is prime, you might write the prime factorization as 1 x 97.NOTE: There cannot be common factors, a greatest common factor, or a least common multiple because "common" refers to factors or multiples that two or more numbers have in common.

You get a prime factorization by figuring out the factors of the number and then figuring out the factors of those numbers. If the number is prime there is no prime factorization. prime factorization.

The eight factors of 582 are 1, 2, 3, 6, 97, 194, 291, and 582.The prime factors of 582 are 2, 3, and 97.The prime factorization of 582 is 2 x 3 x 97.

Prime Factorization of 22 is a prime number, so it does not have a prime factorization.

The prime number is the prime factorization. For example, the prime factorization of the prime number 3 is 3. Get it?

Prime Factorization of 86The prime factorization of 86 is:2 X 43Both numbers are prime, so that is the prime factorization of 86.

776/2 = 388 388/2 = 164 194/2 = 82 97 = 41 Since 97 is prime, you can stop there: 97*2*2*2=776 The prime factors are 97 * 2^3 2^3 = 2 cubed = 2*2*2

The prime factorization of 91 is 13 x 7 They are both prime so its a prime factorization

Prime Factorization of 3131 is a prime number, so there is no prime factorization of it.It is 31 because it is a prime number

When all the factors are prime numbers, that's a prime factorization.

Find the prime factorization of 16.The prime factorization of 16 is: 2x2x2x2.

81 is not prime. Its prime factorization is 3x3x3x3.

prime factorization is the factorization of numbers

how do i get the prime factorization of 45