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No probability. Neither parent has an "A" for the child to inherit to make an "AB".

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Q: What is the probability of a man who has BB genotype and his wife who has BO genotype to have a child who is AB?
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If a man has type A blood and his child has type O what is the man's genotype?

The Mans Genotype is A/O

What would a man with genotype AA and a woman with genotype SS produce?

AS A child

What is the genotype of a man if he has a dimple and his wife and son has no dimple?


Can a man with genotype 'AAA' marry a woman with genotype 'AAA'?

It doesn't matter the man's or woman's genoptype. It just means that their child is going to turn out with the genotype AA.

What is the genotype of a woman with A blood and a man with b blood and a child with o blood?

In this case both parents must be heterozygous to have this child. This means the mother will have the genotype AO and the father will have the genotype BO. In order to have blood type O, the child must have the genotype OO.

Can a man with ac genotype marry woman with as genotype?

can a woman with as genotype marry a man with ac genotype

If an albino recessive woman is married to a man with normal coloring and they have an albino child what was the genotype of the man?


The probability that a married man watches a certain television show is 0.4 and the probability that a married woman watches the show is 0.5. The probability that a man watches the show, given that his wife does is 0.7. Find the probability that?

[object Object]

Can a woman with A blood type and a man with O blood type have a child with B blood type?

No, The woman has a genotype of either (I-A, I-A) or (I-A, i) The man has a genotype of (i, i) The possible combinations for offspring are (I-A, i) Type A or (i, i) Type O.

If married man fathered a child outside of marriage can him and his wife be held responsible for child support?

The man, yes - he's the father! - his wife, no.

What is the genotype of a man who has sickle cell trait?

what is the genotype of a man who has sickel cell traits

What can a man and wife do to have child?

sexual intercourse(sex)

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