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It is 93/256 = 0.363 approx.

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What is the probability that out of 250 babies born 140 or fewer will be boys?

Assuming boys are equally as likely as girls, 125 boys would be expected. The probability of getting 140 or fewer boys is approximately 97.51%

If 5 coins are tossed what is the probability of getting one winner?

The answer depends on what a winner is: 1 H?, a run of 3 H?If the winner is one H, the probability of getting exactly one winner - no more no fewer - is 5/32.

What are the chances of a coin landing on heads 35 times in a row?

In 34 or fewer tosses, the answer is 0. In infinitely many tosses, the answer is 1. The answer depends on the number of tosses and, since you have chosen not to share that critical bit of information, i is not possible to give a more useful answer.

What is probability of drawing 10 of 52 cards?

If you draw 9 or fewer cards, the probability is 0. If you draw 10 or more card, the probability is 1.

What is the probability that a family continue to have children until they have a boy will have more than three children?

The answer to this is 1 minus the probability that they will have 3 or fewer children. This would happen only if they had a boy as the first, second or third child. The probability they have a boy as first child is 0.5 The probability they have a boy as second is 0.25 The probability they have a boy as third is 0.125 Thus the total probability is 0.875 And so the probability they will have more than three children is 1-0.875 or 0.125

Why do dogs have eight puppies?

Not every dog has 8 puppies, many have fewer.

What is the probability of a family with 6 kids having fewer boys than girls?

There is no simple answer to the question because the children's genders are not independent events. They depend on the parents' ages and their genes. However, if you assume that they are independent events then, given that the probability of a boy is approx 0.52, the required probability is 0.3126.

There 52 cards in a deck What is the probability that you draw six black cards?

The probability that you draw any single black card would be: (number of black cards)/(total number of cards) and the probability to get 6 consecutive black cards would be: (probability of drawing black) x (probability of getting another black) and so on for 6 runs Therefore (26/52) x (25/51) x (24/50) x (23/49) x (22/48) x (21/47) since there is one fewer black cards and one fewer total cards per draw. (26/52) x (25/51) x (24/50) x (23/49) x (22/48) x (21/47) = .0113087788 = 1.13087788 %

A square with eight sides?

A square, be definition, can have only four sides: no more and no fewer. So a square with eight sides is impossible.

Ninety-five percent of the parts coming off an assembly line are non-defective what is the probability that of 500 parts fewer than 472 are non-defective?

Homework question? This is actually not a question of probability: if 95% of the parts are non-defective, then 0.95 * 500 = 475 parts are non-defective. So there is zero (0) probability that fewer than 472 parts are non-defective. The question is different when any part has a probability (chance) of 95% of being non-defective. This is a so called Binomial distribution. Google knows the answer.

The probability that fewer than 8 out of 10?

To get more than 8 one needs to get 9 or 10 so there are 2/10 chances The probability to get less than 8 is the opposite probability to the one before so it's 1-2/10 = 8/10 = 4/5 = 0.8

What is the probability that the person 85 years or older will live to year 2050?

The probability is extremely close to 0. The person who is 85 now would be 121 or more in 2050. Of the 7 billion people in the world today, a lot fewer than 700000 will live to 121. And that is a probability of less than 0.0001.

What is the probability that 128 or fewer people have never played golf?

As there are millions of people who have no access to golf and millions more who are not physically capable of playing golf (through age, infirmity, parplegia, quadrapegia) etc. it is certain that the probability that 128 (or less) people have never played, or will ever play, golf - so a probability of 1.

What is the probability of 6 members of one family being born on a different day of the week?

Births are not distributed uniformly over days of the week: there are fewer births at weekends. However, if you do assume that the distribution is uniform, then the probability is 6!/76 = 5040/117649 = 0.0428

What are the advantages of recycling paper?

fewer trees get cut downless trash in the fieldshelps to clean the air because fewer trees are getting cut down

Why dont birds need to lay so many eggs?

The birds do not need to lay so many eggs because the probability of all the eggs getting hatched is higher compared to the amphibians. Secondly, the predators that feed on the eggs are fewer as compared to the other animals that lay very many eggs.

What are the chances of becoming an olympian?

Very close to 0. There are fewer than 10,000 Olympians out of a population of approx 7 billion so approx the probability is less than 0.00000143.

What is the probability that you roll a 5 and a 2?

We assume a 6 sided fair die. Now, note that the probability of rolling any number is independent of the probability of the outcome on the next role of the die. In probability terms we say the two events are independent this implies that is we look at the probability of A and the probability of B the probability of A and B is P(A)xP(B) Since we are look at the probability of a 5 and there are 6 possible outcomes, the probability of a 5 is 1/6 and a similar argument tells us the probability of a 2 is 1/6. Now, since they are independent, the probability of a 5 AND a 2 is 1/6 x 1/6=1/36 If you want to consider dice with different shapes and fewer than 6 numbers, the answer will change. I have considered only a 6 sided fair die since if one understands how this works, one can generalize to other scenarios. The commonly used die is called a cubic polyhedron. Dice come as many different polyhedra and these make for interesting probability questions.

What is the probability of rolling a number greater than 18?

The answer depends on what you are rolling: three or more ordinary dice, or fewer dice with non-standard numbers on them, or a die with some other shape.

Why are there fewer alley cats in the city?

CARS! Answer There are many volunteers who are trapping feral cats, getting them spayed or neutered, and returning them. So, there are fewer kittens. Also, in big cities, there are predators such as rats, coyotes and others.

What are the signs of alcohol poisoning?

Signs of alcohol poisnong are pale skin, seizures, and breathing fewer than eight times per minute.

When is 'less' and 'fewer' used in sentences?

fewer and fewer people are watching less television these days

How do you use fewer in a sentence?

The fewer people that know, the better. There were fewer children at camp.

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