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In three tosses, the probability is 3/8.

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When you flip two coins why does it appear tails and heads more than heads and heads and tails and tails?

Because you are thinking permutations rather than combinations. There are four permutations of two coins, but there are only three combinations, because it does not matter which coin is heads and which coin is tails. As a result, the combination of heads and tails has a 0.5 probability, while two heads or two tails each have a 0.25 probability.

What is the probability of getting heads on the one flip of coin?

There are two sides to the coin, so the probability of getting heads or tails on one flip of the coin is 1/2 or 50%.

What is the probability of flipping 4 coins and getting all heads or all tails?

The probability of getting all heads is 1/24 = 1/16 The probability of getting all tails is also 1/24 = 1/16 The probability of all heads or all tails is the sum of the two = 1/8

Two coins are tossed what is the probability of getting no head?

lets get some facts odds of head on 1 coin 50% or evens odds of no head 50% or evens the possible results vary from 1 coin to 2 coins. 1 coin has 2 results heads or tails 2 coins have 4 results. heads heads, tails tails, tails heads, heads tails. each outcome has a probability of 25%. for the question we remove the heads and tail probability and we have 2 outcomes with heads and one without. so 2 to 1 chance or 33.3333 recuring chance.

What is the probability a coin will land on tails?

50% probablility, or 1/2, that is, a one in two chance.There is an equal chance that the coin will land either heads or tails.

How many possible outcomes when tossing 3 coins?

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

What is the probability that flipping two coin will show two tails?

1 in two but they say the side with heads is slightly Heavier.

What is the probability of getting a run of three consecutive heads before a run of two consecutive tails when tossing a fair coin over and over?

The probability of getting a head first time is one out of two, or a half. The probability of getting a head the next time is still one out of two, so the combined probability is one quarter. Similarly, one eighth is the probability of getting three in a row; but the pattern does not end there, the probability of getting a tails the next time is STILL one in two, so that is a one in sixteen chance of that run, the probability of the entire sequence is therefore one in thirty-two.

What is mutually exclusive in probability theory?

two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time. The classic example is a coin toss where you have either heads or tails, but there is NO WAY to have heads and tails at the same time. Heads and tails are mutually exclusive.

What is the probalility if heads up two times and tails up one time?

If it's a fair coin, the probability is 0.5 * 0.5 * 0.5 = 12.5%.

What is the probability of 1 out of 2 failing?

Any time there are two options, heads or tails when you flip a coin for example, the probability is 1/2, that the result will be either one option, or the other. The expected result when the coin lands is a 1/2 probability that it will be heads, and a 1/2 probability that it will be tails. What "1 out of 2 failing" means is that for every two students that take an exam, for example, one of them will fail. Of course, it also means, that 1/2 will pass.

What is the probability of getting exactly 2 tails of tossing a coin?

The probability of getting two tails when tossing a coin is zero, because the coin can only have one result. If, one the other hand, you toss the coin twice, then the probability of getting two tails is 0.25, i.e. the probability of one tail, 0.5, squared.

What would be the outcomes of tossing 2 coins once?

Two ways to think about it: 1: 25% both heads 50% one of each 25% both tails -or- 2: 25% heads/heads 25% heads/tails 25% tails/heads 25% tails/tails

If you flip a coin to determine the pizza if the coin sHow is heads the pizza is garlic if the coin is tails the pizza is cheese what is the probability that the pizza would be garlic on two consecuti?

The flip of a fair coin is 0.5 heads and tails, so you want the probability of head & head. This probability of garlic, garlic two consecutive tosses is 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25.

Two events in which eitherone or the outher must take place but they can't both happen at the same time The probability is 1?

This is correct. For example the probability of tossing a coin so that it comes up heads is 1/2 and the probability that it comes up tails is also 1/2. The probability that it will come up either heads or tails is 1.

When A coin is flipped what is probability of getting heads?

50/50. There are two sides (heads and tails), so half of the time it will land on heads. 49.5% or something like that because the coin can land on heads, tails, or on its edge. but the likelihood is like a fraction of a percent, but it is possible

What is the probability of getting both tails on two tosses of a coin?

The probability of two tails on two tosses of a coin is 0.52, or 0.25.

If a coin is tossed two times what is the probability of getting tails two times in a row?

25% or 0.25 Probability of one tail is 0.50. Since two tails are independent events, the probability is 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25

How many heads and tails do phospholipids?

Phospholipids have one hydrophilic head and two hydrophobic tails

How many hydrophilic heads and hydrophobic tails does a phospholipids have?

It has one hyrdophilic head and two hydrophobic tails.

What is the probability that they you will get two heads when you toss two coins?

If you toss them enough times, the probability is 1. For just one toss the probability is 1/4.

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