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Hi bean bulb section burnt out bad hi beam switch bad hi beam relay check the fuses for the headlights loose connections

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Q: What is the probable cause for no high beam lights?
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Why do your low beam lights work but not your high beam lights?

Bulbs blew

How far can high beam lights enable you to see?

350 feet ahead

What is a high-beam light?

High-beam lights are your sencondary head lights in any veicle. They can usually be turned on with the same botton you use to turn your head lights on. High beam lights are use to see farther and wider in dark areas.

What types of construction lights are available?

The types of construction lights that are available are high voltage beam light and a low voltage beam light. The high voltage beam light shines a lot brighter.

Your driving lights wont work but the high beam is ok?

Check fuses and high/low beam switch.

Do you use your low beam or high beam lights in foggy weather?

low beams

How many feet do your high beam lights cover?

The distance in feet that high beam lights cover if referring to factory lights, can be found in an owner manual. If the lights have been replaced, the information may be included with the product information.

When driving in foggy weather you should turn on your headlights high beam parking lights low beam?

low beam

Why does the 1996 Crown Victoria high-beam not work when the high-beam indicator in the dashboard shows the lights are on and the fuses are fine?

possibley blown high beam light

What would cause one headlight to work on low beam and the other to work on high beam?

High beam light is out!

How far does high beam lights project?

350 feet

1996 Cavalier Chevrolet no Hi beam light and no DRL lights?

Hi beam lights only the High brightness filament of the headlight.Lo beam lights only the Low brightness filament of the headlight.DRL lights only the High brightness filament of the headlight, but at reduced current.Do you see the pattern?

What could be the cause of your high beam lights working and the low beams not on your Chevy Malibu?

These lights have 2 different "lights" in each of them. This occurs frequently. Change out the bulb and everything will be working fine once again.

When you turn your lights in your Nissan sunny wagon on you have no side lights no dash board lights or any back lights except your brake lights main beam and high beam ar ok but you might have a blow?

check your fuses

On a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer what does the blue dashboard light with a circular shape and five horizontal linesbars coming out of it mean?

Are you talking about the High Beam headlight indicator? That light is telling you your high beam lights are on. try turning off your high beam lights and see if the light goes away. If is stays on but the lights are not on high beam then its just an electrical issue, either pull the bulb out or cover the light with electrical tape if it bothers you!

Should you switch on your high beam lights in city traffic?


When do you use high beam lights?

went ever it is legal and safe

What would cause low beam headlights not work when all other lights work including high beams and fuses are all good on a 2009 Chevy Colorado?

A short in the low beam circuit.

Why don't my day time running lights work while my low beam lights work on my 99 suburban?

The daytime running lights work of the high beam, check those first.

When it's raining outside and your driving you should use what lights high beam or low beam?

Low beams

Low beam lights will not come on only the high beam lights work?

Believe it or not, you might have 2 BURNT OUT LOW BEAMS. Ive seen that a few times.

MB 190E 2.3 1993 both high and low beam lights stay on If shift the high beam switch on sterring wheel the fuse blow If you remove fuses for high beam the regular beem work well but you have no high?

you need to replace the high/low beam switch

Right side has lights left side only has low beam?

Replace the left size high beam light.

Do high beam headlights distract or blind oncoming cars in the daytime?

At night yes, but in the day no because the sunlight overpowers the headlights and high beam lights.

On a four headlight system how many filaments do the inner lights have?

On a four headlight system there are two filaments for the inner lights. They have a filament for a high beam and one for a low beam.