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What is the probable cause for no high beam lights?


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2005-01-10 08:24:10
2005-01-10 08:24:10

Hi bean bulb section burnt out bad hi beam switch bad hi beam relay check the fuses for the headlights loose connections


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High-beam lights are your sencondary head lights in any veicle. They can usually be turned on with the same botton you use to turn your head lights on. High beam lights are use to see farther and wider in dark areas.

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The types of construction lights that are available are high voltage beam light and a low voltage beam light. The high voltage beam light shines a lot brighter.

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Check fuses and high/low beam switch.

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The distance in feet that high beam lights cover if referring to factory lights, can be found in an owner manual. If the lights have been replaced, the information may be included with the product information.

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