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If it is a power window, there is a motor inside of the door that controls the motion of the window. These motors are prone to failure and cost about $280 at a dealership to have replaced. Answer #2: I have a '99. The passenger window is bad. I lubed all the cables to some inprovement but no avail. I checked the power delivery and switches... all work fine. I cleaned the motor and then replaced it. Still intermittent action. Goes down better than up. It goes up by holding the drivers switch up and pulling/shaking the window while shutting the door. Sometimes you drive a few miles and it will go up a little more. I'm thinking the whole regulator assy needs to be changed out. I am quite confident the switches and wiring are ok. I know the motor is ok.... therefore it is probably the regulator assembly itself.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-30 02:37:41
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Q: What is the problem and solution if your 98 or 99 caravan passenger side window will not go up or down but the drivers side does?
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