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For sure your cv joint is bad, and that can get expensive, my Subaru has that problem right now, was quoted at least $500 to fix because it messes with the alignment and tire wear and other wear. expensive. I now have a 90 Ford Escort, with a dead battery at the moment. The grinding noise could be a wheel bearing. also replaced those before.

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Why would the horn only make a clicking sound on a 1997 Escort?

check your fuse. i had the same problem. that might be it. I doubt a fuse, the clicking is probably the horn relay that you hear. Fair chance the horn or connection at the horn is the problem. The clicking noise is the relay, and since it is clicking I doubt that your switch is bad, so check the fuse and also check the horn (hook it to the battery).

Why does 95 escort surge at any speed especially when coming to as stop and accelerate after taking foot off of accelerator?

If a 1995 Escort is accelerating without the driver touching the gas pedal, there is a problem with the throttle position sensor. This sensor controls when the car needs to be given more gas or less gas depending on the position of the accelerator.

What makes your 1993 ford escort die when turning steering wheel to the right?

If its making a horrible grinding noise, it could be the bearing!

What sensor on a 1995 ford escort would cause poor acceleration and car to cut out?

I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free. I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free.

Your 1998 ford escort zx2 won't start it just clicks?

your battery is flat Could be that your starter is dead. The clicking is the starter solenoid. That's a good thing that it is at least clicking. Replace the starter.

My 1996 ford escort lx 5 speed makes this horrible knocking noise like something is loose my husband thinks it's a pulley it happens once car is started with or without ac any suggestions?

My girlfriend's 1995 Escort made a funny knocking/grinding/chirping noise from the back part of the engine. The motor mounts were loose and the problem was solved after they were tightened.

Why would a 1998 Ford Escort horn only make a clicking sound after the blown fuse was replaced?

Sounds like the horn is not making a ground. Did you do anything with the horn? What else didnt work before you replaced the fuse? I have the same problem. Prior to replacing the fuse and getting the clicking back, the horn stuck and ran continuously, which popped the fuse. Another question: where is the actual horn located on a '98 Escort? Thanks. Same problem here. My horn button clicks, but I have constant 12VDC at the horn terminal. The horn itself is behind passenger side headlight, above bumber bracket. Can you say "scraped knuckles?"

If your turn signals and hazard lights will not turn on even after changing bulbs and fuses where can you get a wiring diagram or otherwise find the route of the problem for a 98 Ford Escort Wagon?

odds are its the flasher, its a small silver can somewhere under the dash, its the thing making the clicking sound when they did work

Why won't my 1997 Ford Escort wagon shift into drive?

my 1997 ford escort wagon 2.0 i put a transmission in it it changes low second but not drive what is the problem

99 ford escort ZX2 idles hard while in drive but calm in neutral Auto Zone gets a system error when checking it Have any ideas?

ran in to same problem with 93 escort. went to ford escort owners association (feoa.net). my problem turned out to be a vacuum leak. the forums will help narrow down problem. there is also a way to check and find out error codes on the site.

2001 Ford Escort zx2 has a very bad idle?

If your car is stalling while it is idling you could have a vacuum leak in one of your hoses. I had that problem on my 2000 escort ZX2.

1999 Ford Escort ABS Light is on?

Could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem

Why would a 1989 escort not be getting fuel?

A 1989 Ford Escort would not be getting fuel if the fuel pump has failed or the filter is clogged. A local mechanic or dealership can diagnose and repair the problem.

Why is your abs light on in your 1998 Ford Escort?

A problem with the Anti-lock Brake System has been detected . It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem

1998 ford escort idles fine but wont accelerate?

The fuel filter probably needs to be replaced. It could be stalling because of a major vacuum leak. Check the PCV valve and all the hoses.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1996 ford escort diesel?

The 1996 Ford Escort had a self-adjusting system. If pushing on the pedal will not solve the problem, you are most likely going to need to change the ratchet system in the pedal.

Will interior of a 86 Ford Escort fit a 93 Ford Escort?

NO. An 86 Escort is a 1st generation Escort and a 93 Escort is a 2nd generation.

Why does the battery light stays on in a 1995 ford escort?

Problem with the electrical system. More than likely alternator is bad.

What part of speech is the word escort?

Escort can be used as a verb and a noun. Verb: Will you escort me to the party? Noun: Will you be my escort?

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