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Make sure the wires going to that fuse are connected properly. If you can, try and follow them and make sure there are not cuts or breaks in the line. The next thing to try is find where the ground is to your wires, and see if they are getting ground properly. You can try this but turning on the ignition, loosening the ground and lightly touch them to metal and see if they spark. If so, there is power going to the head lights. Then try the light bulbs. (They can be a pain sometimes trying to get the whole light assmebly out but make sure the bulb is good and make sure the connections are good. If not that, try the switch located on the dash and test that to see if power is going there. That is all the major possibilties I can think of. Good luck.

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Q: What is the problem if the head lights of a 1974 super beetle are not working and it is not the fuse?
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1974 super beetle turn signals not working?

Replace the flasher relay if the lights come on but do not flash.

How do you wire a Super Beetle for towing?

wire into the tail lights at the back of the car

Will 75 beetle windshield fit 71 super beetle?

The 1975 regular Beetle windshield will fit the 1971 Super Beetle.

How do you tell 1971 super bettle from bettle?

If you look at the front suspension of any beetle you can tell if it is a super or non-super beetle. If there is a McPherson front suspension then it is a super beetle. If there is a torsion bar front suspension then it is a non-super beetle.

What was the original sticker price of a 1964 volkswagen Super Beetle?

The super beetle was not put into production until 1971, there is no such vehicle as a 1964 super beetle.

looking to see if the 72 VW I own is a Beetle or Super Beetle VIN # 1122369336?

“looking to see if the 72 VW I own is a Beetle or Super Beetle? VIN # 1122369336”

How many gears does a 1971 VW super beetle have?

A Super Beetle with a manual transmission has four forward gears and one reverse. A Super Beetle with an Autostick transmission has three forward and one reverse.

How do you wire a radio into a 1973 super beetle?

how do u wire a new jvc raido into a 73 super beetle

What year was the alternator installed on beetle?

1973 standard and super beetle

What is the rarest beetle car?

The VW Super Beetle is one of the rarest

Is herbie a VW beetle?

Yes. A 1963 super beetle with a pearl coat (many mistakenly think it's white). The super beetle was a body type that was slightly larger than a regular beetle body.

What is the difference between a beetle and super beetle?

The super beetle has a different front end, having Macpherson struts. The apron, fenders and hood are styled different. The standard beetle has the torsion bar front end.

What do all the icons on the indcator panal mean on a 72 super beetle?

navagate me thru a 72 super beetle interior

Is a super worm escaping into a lizard tanks substrate a problem?

No. It may transform into a beetle, but the reptile should still be able to eat it.

Will a super beetle engine fit in a type 1 68 beetle?

It should.. I have a 79 1600cc in my 65 beetle.

What is the wheelbase of a 1973 super beetle?

10w30 same as a 73 standard beetle

How early was vw super beetle made?

Hardtop Super Beetles were made between 1971 and 1975. For the 1976 to 1979 model years, the Beetle convertibles were based on the Super.

1971 vw how can you find out if it is a super beetle or a beetle?

There are a few things to look at, look at the windshield first, in a super beetle it will be curved, also on a super beetle if you look at the front suspension you will see struts (springs instead of shocks) and if you open the hood you will see a circular depression for the spare tire to lay down, and the last way to tell is to look at that dashboard, a super beetle has a dashboard that is big enough to throw a pack of cigarettes on to whereas a standard bug has no dashboard.Actually, in a 1971 and 1972 beetle you can get a super beetle with a flat window and a flat dash. I own a 1971 Super beetle. It looks like a standard beetle in every way but it is slightly larger. The only way to tell is by looking for a spare tire that lays flat (only true in the Super) and the suspension. I suggest looking at the spare. If it is angled vertically it is standard - laying flat means it's a super.

What is the difference between a 1973 super beetle and a 1974 super beetle?

The biggest difference is the 74 has energy absorbing bumpers that the 73 is lacking.

Will a hood off a 73 bug fit 65 bug Both are standard bugs.?

No, the hood will not fit. 1965 is pre-Super Beetle; 1973 is post Super Beetle. The 65 hood is going to be much more narrow and arched then a Super Beetle hood or anything past their early transitions to the Super beetle which started to transpire in June of 1971

What is the length of a 1973 vw super beetle?

decode vin 1973 Volkswagen beetle

What is the difference between the Volkswagen super beetle and the standard beetle?

The Super Beetle has a slightly longer body (front end) and more modern McPherson front suspension instead of the torsion tube type.

Replacing the fuel line for a 1969 super beetle?

There was no 1969 "super beetle" only the standard. And which line are you replacing the hard line or the flex line?

How have to do to replace alittle bulb ob the VDO on super beetle 1973?

How I have to do for replace a little bulb on the ODO speedometer cable on 1973 Super Beetle ?

How do you fix the speedometer and odometer on a 1973 Super Beetle?

i own a 1973 super beetle and when i bought it i had the same problem. we fixed it by replacing the speedometer cable on it. the cable runs from the front, driver-side tire and goes in to the back of the gauge it gets a little tough unless you have tiny hands but that fixed it for me.

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