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--- Answer --- Most likely the plug is connected wrong, instead of the connecting to the power lines it was connected in series with some lights with 3 times the wattage. When using the meter it will read the potential voltage which is the line voltage of 115 volts but when you plug in the a light, now you completed the circuit adding this light to the other light/s. The reason you get 25 volts is because you are reading the voltage drop of the light that you just pluged in. Where 25 volts? Because the other lights are 3 times higher in wattage give or take. from: bmetong

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Q: What is the problem if the receptacle has 120V on a volt meter but when you plug in a light in the socket the volt meter drops to 25V?
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How can you fix a receptacle that is not working if it has 115V on a volt meter but when you plug in a light it does not light and the volt meter drops to 0V and what is the problem?

To start I would check the connections on the receptacle. Next change the receptacle. It sounds to me there is a corrosion problem here...pkazsr

What is problem if one brake light is dim?

Check for bad grounding of light socket or the wrong light bulb

How is a light socket tested for problems?

Since the problem either lies in the light socket or in the power cable diagnosing the problem requires access to the connections. The most easiest method is using a continuity tester which has two electrodes attached to a digital meter.

What is a light hole?

Probably a receptacle for putting a light?

What is the duration of Light Drops?

The duration of Light Drops is 1.67 hours.

What causes the courtesy fuse to blow?

Short in the courtesy light receptacle, wiring, or the switch. Can also be a corroded receptacle.

How do you operate an outlet with a light switch?

An electrician will be able to safely install a switch on your receptacle. If you already have one, they usually operate by having the receptacle controlled by the light switch, meaning that the appliance or lamp you plug into the switched receptacle can be controlled by the light switch. For convenience (or per code in some places) a switched receptacle is often only one half of a duplex receptacle and the other half is always energized (not switched).

Do you need a three way light switch if you have red and black wires in the socket?

Not necessarily, it depends on how the electrician incorporated the wiring into the circuit. By seeing those colours of wires it could be two separate 120 volt circuits. Also to answer this question thoroughly, your definition of a socket is required. In electrical terms a socket is a specific device and if a receptacle is meant then this is a different condition completely.

Why would all your turn signals work except the right rear one even if it now has a new bulb and new fuses?

hi my name is josh i had the same problem check the terminals in the light socket they could be corroded that was my problem.... With a volt meter check to see if you have power to that socket. Check at the wire not the socket. If you find you have power, either the socket is corroded or broken. Also check the ground connection at that socket.

How do you replace brake lights in 1994 Nissan 300zx?

Remove brake light interior trim panels. Then you push and twist the socket for the brake light that needs replacing. Then pull out socket. then pull out bulb from socket and place new bulb in the light socket. Once bulb is installed into light socket. Place the socket where you removed it from brake light housing. Push and twist clockwise to lock back in place. Then replace trim panels.

How do you fix turn signal and brake light problems on a 2001 Volkswagen Golf GLS?

I had the same problem. I found a ground contact failure in a rear light bulb socket. If you check this connector your problem will be solved.

Have no interior lights at all in 81 buick regal what might be the problem?

checked fuses, or checked for voltage to interior light socket?

Can I have 120 volts at the light fixture but the light won't turn on I have checked the wiring and changed the light?

If you have 120 v at the wires connecting to the light fixture the light should come on. Its possible the voltage is not getting to the inside of the socket. Carefully measure the voltage between the metal blip at the bottom of the socket and the metal along the sides. Be careful here. Its tight quarters and easy for the voltmeter leads to touch the wrong things. Before doing that I would try a third light bulb. I've gotten them bad right out of the package. If you have voltage inside the socket, then for some reason the light bulb is not screwing far enough down so the bottom touches that metal blip on the bottom of the socket. If you don't have voltage inside the socket then that's your problem and you'll need a new socket.

Can you convert a garage light socket to accept a three prong shop light plug in?

If you want to you could remove the light socket and put in an outlet then plug your light into the outlet.

Why is your dusk to dawn light shut off when you run another power source?

If the circuit breaker or the GFCI receptacle tripping you are pulling too many amps through the circuit. If that is not the problem you have a problem with the electrical wiring and probably requires an electrician to spot the problem If you are talking about using a different plug in, and it isn't working, the circuit more than likely doesn't have power or the receptacle need to be replaced due to being worn out

What is an Edison screw socket?

The screw socket into which an ordinary light bulb is inserted.

How do you change a light bulb when the piece it screws into twists with it?

This sounds like a household light socket you are inquiring about, replace the bulb and socket as well.

Your right turn signal and brake light do not work and the front right turn signal blinks very very fast you have replaced both bulbs What could the problem be?

Bad bulb socket? Broken Wire to socket?

What is a Socket outlet?

Depending on where you are in the world there could be two meanings to the term socket outlet. In the European electrical trade, a socket outlet is usually a wall outlet where the voltage supply can be plugged into for portable devices.The same device in the North American electrical trade is known as a wall receptacle.A socket in North American terminology is what incandescent light bulbs screw into to hold the bulb in place. An example would be a ceiling porcelain fixture or in the case of a table or floor lamp, the socket is what holds the bulb.

What do you do with the green wire from a light if the receptacle doesn't have one?

Green typically represents a ground so you would connect to the bare wire at receptacle or look for a green headed screw.

Who invented the light switch and light socket?

Thomas E. Murray

When the brake is pushed the parking lights come on?

The ground to the tail light assembly has a problem. It could be the socket or the wire or the connection to the chassis ground. It's a common problem with the Saturn LS and is corrected by a recall action.

Why does the passenger side rear running light go off when the brakes are applied on a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?

There is a ground problem, either with the ground wire or in the socket.

How do you change the center stop light on a ford 500?

To change the third brake light on a ford Five Hundred you first have to open the trunk. To access the bulb for the third brake light look under the housing below the light (from inside the trunk). There is a wire harness that runs into a socket. Twist the socket a quarter turn and the bulb and socket come out. Replace bulb and reinsert socket into the hole the quarter turn the socket to lock it back into place. Done!

How do you fix a bad household light socket?

I do not