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Hey Shonda==Sometimes the low coolant sensors get coroded and you have to thake them out and clean them. Also make sure you have the radiator full when refilling the system. GoodluckJoe


It means you've got air in your cooling system, and it's easy to get it out.

You need a 12mm deep-well socket on a ratchet and a gallon of Honda-compatible coolant. Turn your heat all the way on, then follow the upper radiator hose to where it goes into the engine. There's a bleeder bolt on top of the part the radiator hose hooks looks a little like a Hershey's Kiss that's made from aluminum. Anyway, loosen that. (Note: do this with the engine cold, 'kay?) Next, remove the radiator cap and start slowly pouring coolant into the radiator. When it comes out the hole in the bleeder bolt, add just a little more then snug down the bleeder bolt. Put the radiator cap back on, and you're done.

You might have a bad thermostat. stopping the coolant flow and causing it to flow back in the overflow bottle.

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Q: What is the problem if when your car is running hot you put coolant in but after driving 10 minutes the coolant goes into the overflow jug?
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A 1987 Mazda RX-7 turbo it is not overheating but after you get done driving for about 10 to 20 minutes the overflow tank is almost or it is overflowing what would be the problem?

rad. cap

If engine gauge does not show overheating but coolant spews from overflow tank what is the problem in a 2001 Mazda MPV?

Thermostat may not be opening

What causes white smoke to come from a car after driving it for 15 or 20 minutes?

White smoke from the exhaust means two things; excessively rich fuel mixture, or coolant is being burned in the engine. Being that the smoke comes out after 15-20 minutes, the problem is probably an internal coolant leak, allowing coolant to be burned by the engine.

I have a 1994 camaro and it keeps losing radiator fluid but no leaks?

I had a similar problem with mine.... temperature gauge would shoot up after 10 minutes of driving and all the coolant would be gone... started watching the tail after replacing the coolant and saw white smoke... found out later it was a crack in the cylinder and it was burning coolant... this may not be your problem, but it mite help...

How do I Reset the low coolant indicator on a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

It should reset itself when the coolant is back to the appropriate level as long as the sensor is working properly. If you look in the overflow reservoir and can see coolant, the sensor or wiring might be the problem.

Can driving your car after you found gas in your coolant make the engine problem worse?


Why are you losing coolant out of your overflow?

There could be several reasons. Under normal operation, the vehicle will experience this as the coolant heats up and expands into the over flow. A bad water pump, low level of coolant, as well as a clogged radiator could also cause this problem.

1997 ford ranger heat blows cold air what should i check?

Check your coolant level in the radiator as well as the overflow reservoir. Believe it or not, I had the same problem yesterday. This should fix your problem.

How do you fix the problem of a stack overflow?

( How do i solve problem of stack overflow? Can I do without spending money? Thank you

If temp gauge does not show overheating but coolant spills from overflow tank on a 2001 ford focus. what can be the problem?

heat is the problem. your temp guage is most likely shot and your car is probably vapor locking.

Your 91 Storm keeps trying to flood out while you are driving How do you fix this problem?

Change the Coolant Temp sensor

When driving my Chevy Impala it gets sluggish overheating what is the problem?

the simple answer is the coolant fluid - make sure it's full where it's marked, after driving it ten miles. the bigger problem is unlikely if it runs alright, so try the first. you might just need to flush and fill the coolant too..

What is the problem when your car runs hot after driving for 10 min and the coolant overflows out?

Could be the thermostat it's stock, replace it.

I already put antifreeze in my 2000 Chevy venture but the coolant light is still on. Do I have a head gasket problem?

, You may or may not have a head gasket problem. If you put the coolant in the overflow tank, then it may not have been drawn into the cooling system yet. When you add coolant, it needs to be added at the radiator cap (when the vehicle is cool) and it needs to be filled all the way up to the very top. Then the overflow tank needs to be about half full, or at the "Full Cold" mark, if you can see it. The coolant level sensor is actually in the radiator, just below the radiator cap. This is all assuming that the coolant light you are referring to is the "Low Coolant" indicator. If you are referring to the indicator that says the engine is overheating, then that is a different issue. In either case, the sensors need to be checked before deciding if you have a head gasket problem. Take Care, Greg

96 grand am se 3.1 and it keeps overheating when idle or driving slow but it stays cool when im in constant motion or in winter got to keep heat on during summer .i changed thermostat and flushed rad.?

i had the same problem in my 96 grand-am i actually replaced the radiator, coolant overflow tank, and thermostat before it stopped. Check your coolant overflow tank and check for cracks and whatknot. If nothing else check the fan and make sure all belts are in proper motion and stuff. hope i was some help

You own a 2002 Ford Escape and your battery light stays on for approx 5 min after you start the car you just put a new battery in What is the problem?

I had the same problem with my 2002 Escape XLT. Another website suggested (and it worked for me) to check the coolant overflow reservoir. Apparently the signal for "low coolant" shows up as "check battery".

Overheats when driving not when idling?

check the small hose that goes to the upper side of the overflow tank. The fitting that is on the side of the water pump housing that connects that small hose to the overflow tank plugs. clean it out and see if that takes care of your problem. It worked for me I had the same problem. it plugs and the air cant escape causing an air pocket that cant get out.

What makes a coolant reservoir over flow after 3 minutes of car idling?

I had the same problem on my car. turned out to be a blown head gasket. the no. 1 cylinder was pushing hot gasses into the coolant jacket.

No heat 1993 Mercury Villager van?

You are most likely low on coolant or if you have had a coolant change recently the problem is due to insufficient coolant within the system which is also results in having air trapped in the system. Check your coolant level in both the radiator and the overflow bottle. I also recommend that you follow the procedure for removing trapped air in the cooling system. It can be found as part of the coolant refill procedure, which can be found at

What is causing your coolant jug to get overheated in my 99 windstar van?

Ive had a similar problem with another car of mine. The solution was to run the car with the coolant cap open so the air could be pushed through the lines. Ideally you want to run with an open cap until your pump kicks in. This is the process you need to use when you replace a rad or drain all the lines. Don't be worried if you see coolant gushing out of the overflow. It takes about a minute then the overflow will level off and all the air bubbles will stop.

1996 Grand Marquis overheating problem Does not overheat until driving for a while then when you come to a stop the temperature climbs.?

radiator plugged.or coolant low

What is happening when the coolant reservoir is overpressurized and starts leaking from the cap Is this a thermostat problem or cooling fan switch problem?

Is it too full? Well some vehicles are equiped with a little hose that will let coolant out if there is too much or too much pressure, but not all vehicles will have it. (If you are talking about the overflow tank, if the radiator cap is leaking, check to see if the cap is in good condition)

What happened to your 1997 Eagle Talon when it just shut off when you were driving due to low coolant?

Did your car overheat? That's probably why it turned off if it did. If you are losing coolant, you should find out where it's going and fix the problem.

Reset check engine light on 96 Ford Explorer?

Disconnect the battery cable for about 10 minutes and the light will be reset. If it comes on again after driving, it's a recurring problem and you can get the codes read and hopefully fix the problem. Disconnect the battery cable for about 10 minutes and the light will be reset. If it comes on again after driving, it's a recurring problem and you can get the codes read and hopefully fix the problem.

How do you fill the water in a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle?

Add coolant to the overflow bottle. USE ONLY VW PINK ANTI-FREEZE!! ________________________________________________________________ VW's historically had air-cooled engines but they now have a closed cooling system. The coolant overflow bottle is part of the pressurized cycling system and this is where you would fill it when it is cool. Due to the design of this system, the common problem of reservoir failures occur when the bottle splits and needs to be replaced. y-think-y