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The starter is probably At Fault. Hit it with a hammer real good and if it starts it is the starter for sure. That won''t work but a few times.

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Q: What is the problem in a 2001 Saturn SC1 if it clicks when you try to start it and it will not jump start?
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Where can you get a service manual for 2001 Saturn Vue?

Saturn didn't start making the VUE until 2002; are you certain you have a 2001 VUE?

When you try to start your 2001 Honda rancher 4 wheeleer the magnetic starter just clicks?


1995 Saturn sl 1 wont start it will trun over but wont start?

If the vehicle has a security feature check the fuse under the hood. My 2001 SL1 had that problem. its like a 30 Amp fuse.

Why doesn't my 2001 Saturn SC2 start after replacing the ignition key cylinder?

It may be old.

What are the Timing marks for a 2001 Saturn 1.9?

There is no external timing marks on 2001 Saturn.

How do you change crankshaft sensor in a 2001 Saturn sl?

were is crankshaft sensor located in 2001 Saturn l300

Torque specs for 2001 Saturn?

What is the torque spec for a 2001 Saturn head? It has only a single cam

What is the Right freon for a 2001 Saturn?

The only refrigerant you can legally use in your 2001 Saturn would be the 134-A

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2001 Saturn SL2?

Repair the problem and it will typically reset itself after 3 starting cycles.

Why will my 2001 Saturn L300 not start after turning off without having to wait 30 minutes or more?

i too had the same problem with my L300. after about a year of this problem i replaced the crankshaft position was extremely easy to do myself. the car has not acted up since. hope this helps.

Why my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee V8 won't start Power comes on headlights bright It clicks once and nothing?

If you still have power after the click then the problem is probably a faulty starter solenoid or relay. If no power after the click, check the battery cables for good connection.

What is the most likely problem if when you turn the ignition and it just clicks repeatedly but doesn't turn engine over This is a Ford Focus 2001 4-cylinder automatic?

A weak Battery

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