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sounds like the starter or alternator

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Will engine light on 2005 silverado reset after problem corrected?

when you disconnect your battery and reconnect it will reset cumputer

How do you reset check engine light on 1998 dodge neon?

correct problem then dis connect and reconnect battery.

Why my Hyundai won't start when ignition is on to start?

There are several reasons why a Hyundai will not start with the ignition is on. There could be a problem with the battery or starter. There may also be a problem with the wiring.

Why want my x Terra start after replacing the battery?

battery may not be the problem check your starter motor and ignition switch

Why won't the crank spin?

Battery, battery cable or connections, starter problem, ignition switch not working. Be more specific please.

Why does your 1994 Ford Taurus not start or click or anything replaced battery starter ignition switch?

Maybe you have a problem in your main wiring harness. No fun.. Could also be an electrical sensor.

Why does the battery warning light come on when the ignition is switched off?

I had this problem on my disco 1. Turned out to be the alternator, which was replaced and the problem was fixed.

How do you find out if the remote start is causing my dead battery problem?

One way is to disconnect your remote start and see if the battery dies over the next few days. If not then reconnect the remote start and see if it then dies....if so then yep its your problem.

I have no power to my ignition when i turn the key over?

A person will have no power to the ignition when the key is turned over when the battery is dead or the ignition switch is defective. Each component must be tested to rule them out as a problem.

How do you turn off the service engine soon light on a Mercury Villager?

Either have the problem that is causing the light to illuminate fixed or disconnect and reconnect your battery.

Why when you turn the ignition key nothing happens?

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

What could be the problem your ignition turns but will not crank the car?

If you battery has plenty of power, either faulty contacts in ignition switch or starter motor, or faulty starter motor.

What is the problem with an 1990 corvette the engine will not turn over or start when ignition turned on?

check the battery and connections/cables

If check engine light was on fix the problem and the light is off but some of the senors have not reset how long does it take or how many miles?

disconnect battery for 10 minutes then reconnect battery this will cancel error codes in computer

Why does my car sputter after I changed the oxygen sensors?

The computer could have become confused. disconnect the battery from the vehicle. Leave it unhooked for several hours. Reconnect the battery. This should reset the computer, and hopefully solve the problem.

I have a 2000 s10 and i have no power going to the starter.?

check your positive on your battery. verify if no power is coming from the battery OR from the ignition. hard to answer without knowing if the problem is coming from battery or ignition. look for burnt wires going to the solenoid. hope you get a more precise answer. good luck. it could be worse!

What causes no spark in 1990 Ford Tempo?

Faulty Ignition System. Dead battery. Dead Coil. Worn out Ignition "Wires" to Plugs. Corroded Battery Cable to Starter. Corrosion at Battery Terminals. Engine Ground Problem thereof eliminating complete Electrical Circuit. Blown Fuses or Relays. Faulty Ignition Switch. Hope one of these is it!! CHEERS!!

If I have power to my headlights and stereo in my 93 Honda Accord Ex but not to the dash or windows or anything else and the car won't start but I have a full charge on the battery what is the problem?

Check the ignition switch and the fusable link. Other than that, I can't think of anything without looking at it.

How to reset a Sebring maintenance light?

Just disconnect the battery negative cable in the engine compartment for a few seconds, and reconnect. If the problem has been corrected, then the fault will be reset.

Battery is being drained when ignition is off?

Had the same problem, changed the positive and negative battery cable heads, this stopped the drain. Check and see if the cables are good first.

How to turn off a check engine light?

The light is on because the computer has detected a problem with the emissions system. After this problem is repaired the light is reset with a scan tool. For a quick fix at home without having to go to a shop and give them a lot of money all you have to do is disconnect the negative (black) terminal on the battery then insert your keys in the ignition and turn it a couple of times like when you start the car. Then take the keys out, reconnect the battery and problem solved! Warning: This does not fix the problem, if there is a serious problem the Check Engine Light will flash instead of remaining solid. If light continues to come on get it checked out immediatly.

Fix p0452 01 Yukon - put in NEW sensor - still throws code?

disconnect battery for ten minutes then reconnect battery. this should cancel code if problem that caused code has been fixed

Why does CD player register E23 on Pontiac sunfire?

E23 Communication Error: There is a vehicle/radio communication problem or an inter radio communication problem, Correction: Disconnect battery voltage to the radio and then reconnect after a few minutes.

What electric problem would cause a 2008 Chevy Impala slow to crank?

It could be a weak battery or a bad ignition coil.

Reset check engine light 1997 Toyota landcruiser?

You can disconnect the battery for about 30 minutes then reconnect. This may solve the problem. You will need to reset the time etc in the car.