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If the headlights are on and brake lights work but not the tail lights, it is possible there is a short in the electrical wires. Another cause for this could be that the tail light bulbs are burned out. Most vehicles have more than one bulb inside the tail lights to control different lights at the same time.

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Q: What is the problem when head lights are on and the tail lights dont work but the brake lights work?
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Why do brakelights go off on when the head lights are switched on?

Brake lights should NOT be effected by the headlights. Brake light function is completely independent of the headlights. Assuming you are not refering to the tail lights, or marker lights, which are supposed to come when the head lights are turned on. Not having brake lights when the head lights are on is a big safety problem and should be corrected.

Your brake lights and head lights do not work your blinkers and running lights do?

My rear window brake light works, but not my tail light brakes on my 1997 Monte Carlo. What is the problem?

Peugeot 306 brake lights wont work all the other lights do also the brake lights come on when headlights are turned on whats problems?

Since the break lights turn on when the head lights are activated, the problem is probably in the wiring of your break lights. Someone may have accidentally disconnected the wires of your break lights to your head lights.

How do you fix brake lights that work when the headlights are off but 2 of the 3 dont work when the head lights are on?

check the bulbs themselves they sometimes short out internaly & cause feedback also check sidemarker lights I have changed all bulbs and fuses! Wiring problem???

1998 Dodge Caravan The windshield wipers Head lights Tail lights and Gauges don't work Can someone help me with this problem?

It is possible it is the body control module, I had the same problem except my brake lights worked.

What could be the problem if the stop and tail lights do not come on but the head lights doon a 1992 Infinity Q45?

does your car has a separate fuse for the tail light? do the lights come on when you hit the brake.

Why do the brake lights on a 2003 Camry stay on?

1 of 3 reasons why, your head lights are on, your reflector lights are on ,or your brake sensor is broken

Why dont your tail light brake lights or engine turn over but your head lights work and battery is fully charged?

believe it or not you may haveblown fuse check them.

There is no current to the right head lights all of the fuses are fine how would find the problem 2000 firebird?

Well you mean tail lights i think and it has to either they are burnt out or a brake edal sensor is the problem and is stuck

What fuses are used a Chevy S-10 for head lights and brake lights?

Head light fuse is 20 amp

What make the biggest difference in how safely you can drive at night headlights or brake lights?

head lights

If all your dash lights are out but you still have parking lights head lights and brake lights could it be the dimmer in the headlight switch?


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