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What is the problem when you pull up on the emergency brake of a 1998 Ford Escort and you can still drive the car?


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2005-01-19 06:25:10
2005-01-19 06:25:10

Either the cable needs adjusting, or the rear brakes need to be replaced.


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drive with it off and have the parking brake inspected for damage.

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Step on the brake and put the car in drive the brake will release

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a simple test you could do would be, put your vehicle on drive then apply the emergency brake and let go the brake pedal. if the emergency brake is good your car shouldn't move at all.ifbrake shoes. it moves it may be your e-brake or worn

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Replace emergency brake cable Secure emergency brake pedal in its upper most position (released)

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I recommend you put it in drive first...And have your foot on the brake til you are sure you are ready to move off

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