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What is the problem when your car bogS down when the gas pedal is pressed?


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2005-10-17 00:29:42
2005-10-17 00:29:42

maby your acclator pump is not working you might have a vaccume leak your carb may be to big for the motor


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It's called a Sostenato pedal and it sustains only the notes that are being held down when the pedal is pressed.

Sticking Brake LightsI had this very same problem when I owned a Nissan 300zx. There is a switch in front of the brake pedal that when the brake pedal is pressed the metal part of the pedal presses down on a little button which turns the brake lights on when pressing the pedal. What I did was I got under the dash, took a flashlight and put a little piece of tape in between the pedal and the switch. It acted as a cushion because the pedal wasn't pushing down on the switch as it was pushing on the tape and when I pressed on the pedal the lights would come on but the tape pushed the pedal back to shut the switch off. If you want to avoid all this consider having your brake pedal adjusted. If your brake lights come on still consider having your cars wiring checked out.

More than likely the pedal assembly is full of dirt, rust, and gunk. The only real way to fix the problem is to remove the assembly from the car, disassemble it, clean and oil it really well, and re install.

Hi, i guess you were meaning "clutch". The clutch pedal in a manual car is situated on the left-side of the break pedal. It is pressed down when shifting gears.

Yes. There is a switch located behind the clutch pedal to must be depressed (when the clutch pedal is pressed all the way down) in order for the ignition circuit to be completed. Therefore the car will not start if the clutch pedal is not pressed all the way down. Starting a car while it is in gear can be very damaging to the transmission.ADDED: ... not to mention other cars and people around you!

If it is a manual transmission, then push the accelerator pedal down more when you release the clutch. If it is an automatic transmission, then you probably need to get the transmission serviced. If you think the transmission isn't the problem, then get your engine serviced. To tell which is the problem, put the car in neutral and let it idle. If it is idling on low RPMs (less than 600 for gasoline, 800 for diesel [varies with car engines and age]) then it is the engine. If it bogs down when you take off from a dead stop, then it would probably be the transmission. When a car bogs down, it puts quite a bit of unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, leading to more expensive payments. I would take your car into a mechanic shop and have them look at it. Replace air and fuel filters.

when the vehicle is parked they are raising the motor, Or when passing by it rattles the window

Your hot dog truck may be shutting down because it is overheating. This is usually an indicator that there is a problem with your radiator.

if it bogs out and shuts off you might have to clean the carb. you can do this with virtually no problem. most gas stations have carb cleaner for under five bucks. it is probaly either that or bad fuel line. id take it down to your local dealer to make sure its not a serious problem.

check power booster, either vacuum leak or faulty booster. The first answer assumes the leak is continuous while the pedal is being pressed --that being said all vehicles have an air leaking sound (woosh) when the brake pedal is first pressed but does not continue when the pedal stops going down

The brake shoes are inside the drum, which is turning along with your wheel. When you press the pedal, it pushes fluid through the brake line, and that fluid forces the shoes outward and they push on the inside of the drum, which slows it down, and thus slows down your car.

If you have a Civic with the ECO switch turn it off before passing. If not, take it to the dealership you have a problem.

power booster behind master cylinder sounds like they may be the problem

Make sure that the brake pedal is pressed down or else it won't shift out of park. If you are pressing the pedal and still no action then make sure that the brake lights are turning on as maybe a fuse or an electrical component letting the trannsmission know that you are holding the brake may be faulty. Make sure that the brake pedal is pressed down or else it won't shift out of park. If you are pressing the pedal and still no action then make sure that the brake lights are turning on as maybe a fuse or an electrical component letting the trannsmission know that you are holding the brake may be faulty.

You might not be holding the brake pedal down hard enough or there may be a problem with that gear.

Check your fluid level first. If it is low then your problem is a leak in the system. If the fluid level is OK then you probably have a bad master cylinder. To check the master cylinder pump on the brake pedal and hold the pedal down. Usually the pedal will slowly go to the floor. This means the master cylinder is not holding pressure. You should not take any chances with brakes!! Get them repaired at a qualified repair facility.

I had same problem. I fixed it when I replaced my fuel pump with an inline electric pump & regulator. 4psi worked the best for me.

Assuming the Dodge has an automatic transmission, the transmission may be low on ATF or the transmission is on its way out. I think the contributor is referring to a Fairground 'Dodgem' car, ie an electric car on a rink. - Many will not move till pedal is pressed flat to prevent small children from driving on their own -

Operates the brakes when the pedal is pressed. The pedal pushes the master cylinder, this pushes brake fluid down the brake lines, the fluid pushes the piston(s) in the wheel cylinder, the pistons push the pads or shoes onto the drum or rotor which is attached to the wheel.

You could have a leaking wheel brake cylinder. It could also be a bad brake line or a bad master cylinder.

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